Leadership Team Reporting - Questions, Concerns and Compliments


Its on june first of this year, im not sure but im afraid ill forget this place by the time i am unsuspended oof.

And im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing


That isn’t so bad, actually. I don’t know what country you represent, but most American schools get really busy this time of year anyway with finals in late May or June. So, I have two ideas for you, if you’re planning to rejoin us…
—one, take this opportunity to focus on your studies. By the time summer rolls around, you will be cleared. If your friends are genuine, they won’t even bring up your past behavior unless you start it up again…and if you do, they’ll be reminding you because they don’t want to see you suspended again. (Plus, that will help you know who your real friend are! Win-win!)
—two, if you genuinely believe that your choices were because of a misunderstanding of the rules, you can try to request an appeal from Ana. But I will tell you the same thing that I teach the Leaders, the effectiveness of your appeal depends on how respectful you are.
(Btw, they’re still learning, but things will get better as everyone learns together.)

Is this helpful at all?


Lol yea i requested an appeal and made sure to be super respectful, its been a while now since ive sent it and im still checking my mail every once in a while to see whats up and whatnot, but yeah the thing is that actually attempting to leave this place is soooo hard, seriously attachment feels nice to have but rlly hard to let go bc not only would you just be hurting yourself but others as well, and it being forced does not help that much sadly oof.

But yeah i could wait if i dont become too desperate lol


That’s a very mature response. Regardless of what happens, abiding by the guidelines here is actually excellent practice for the future. I don’t know if you’re old enough to have a job yet, but once you have one, you will also have to abide by certain company rules, so I will encourage you to see this as an opportunity to practice for your future! :grin:


At first it seems weird, but having online talk with job rules seems at the very least an intriguing idea lol.

Theres gotta be some person out there who would be extremely helped by this specific “training” practice lol.

Also thanks for being understanding, i was afraid id be given no more words to speak after my first post, but you genuinely seems nice and passionate for the ppl here and this place in general.


Lol @SarcasticTvHead, you are most certainly correct in that regard, my sentiments toward all the people here would most most most likely always stay inside my mind and my heart.


Oops the post got pending cause I said “username,” but I said that your user confused me for a few seconds and i totally forgot that was a alt.

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If you’ve read any of my other posts, people are one of my passions. I have no desire to see negative actions or replies any more than I enjoy the resulting consequences.

I’m especially passionate about teens who are often misunderstood. Most of the time, all you need is someone to take you seriously and treat you like you can really think like the adult you will soon become.

I don’t have all the answers in life, but if I have the time to speak some encouragement, I will. I firmly believe that every bit of life has the potential to prepare us for other things in our future…either for good or for bad. But it completely depends on the choices we make.


Jazz you could be a writer with all of your amazing advice and problem solving skills! I now know that the forum is in great hands, you have my respect and I am sure the leaders will be trained well!


Lifes been especially rough for me these past few weeks and was one of the reasons I got kicked out of here, my mind is a mess and i mostly blame it on my age, but some other stuff not so much, i hope everyone here does not have to go through as much stuff that i had, and that no more people get banned, but oh well, im just a living zombie at this point lolazo.

Final words can make one really think about what they say, thats pretty cool i guess.


Well, we look forward to your triumphant return!! Use this time to search yourself and practice making positive choices. We’ll see you in June!! :sunglasses:


I used to say hihihihihihih a lot in my gt, but ive never said this one before i dont think


(I would’ve post the ribbon cat saying bye that tankt has if i had it save oof)


Of course, I understand. With regards to the leaders, are you planning to have any more? I’m just curious about this whole process.


Haha!! Lol!!


At this time, they will be looking again near the end of summer. This allows for the possibility of rotation, for leaders who may be aging out of the forum, for leaders whose schedules have changed and no longer have the time they did before, etc.



ah okay, thank you. Is there any advice you would give me in general?


Is there’s any way that users can get unsuspended earlier? Bc I got suspended once, as many other ppl r now, and I didn’t know when my suspension was going to end, but I emailed Ana, and after discussing it for a few days, she unsuspended me hhh


Certainly. Give everyone the courtesy of common respect, regardless of how you are treated. Hard, but a skill you will find critical as you mature. :sweat_smile:

Become familiar with the guidelines and their application. Keep an eye on the types of conversations that lead to conflict and refrain from following those patterns. Watch for how conflict is worked out and take notes on the positive ways only…remember that we become like what we think about.

The fact that you’re asking tells me you probably have some of these down already! :wink: Just keep at it. Whether you become a peer Leader or not, you will be ready for adulthood in ways that others will not.


wow thank you Jazz! That was really effective and inspirational!