Leadership Team Reporting - Questions, Concerns and Compliments about Leaders, their responsibilities and their role in the Hopscotch community



You’ve trained the leaders so well, their all so nice and kind, and wow. Your also a very inspirational person, and I learn so much from them every day, one day I aspire to become one of them because I can’t even say how awesome they are :blush:. They have been through so much criticism and yet there still as nice as ever!


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I can take very little credit for anything other than having learning experiences to share and using those as teachable moments. Rather, credit your Leaders for seeing those experiences as valuable and adopting recommendations for their own practice. They’ve all worked hard.

And yes, you and anyone else who aspires to adopt experiential wisdom from your elders and use respectful communication will be far more prepared to lead anywhere in life. :sunglasses:


I’m gonna bookmark this, thank you for being so awesome to everyone!


Hey Jazz!

I just wanted to say how well @William04GamerA handled the situation that was going on today, I was very impressed! I was about to tag you but eventually there was no need!


:100:% agree


Yeah, very well done @William04GamerA :)