Leadership Team Reporting - Questions, Concerns and Compliments about Leaders, their responsibilities and their role in the Hopscotch community


With the announcement last week of the new Leadership team, many of you have congratulated your peers and asked dozens of questions on the Q&A. While you may certainly ask questions here, I’m establishing this topic for the community to pose any additional questions that you may want answered by an adult Leader, such as myself, @Ana or any other member of THT admins, especially regarding Leader decisions.

You may also use this topic to share any concerns or compliments that you see pertaining to your peer leaders. We have asked that your peer leaders refrain from posting in this topic to give you some assurance that this is your place to exchange with the adult Leadership team.

If you have a complaint about another user, you may post it here, but it would be better to tag @ Leaders in your own GT and one of your Leads will meet you there.

One thing I hope you can refrain from is comparing the new team to the mods from the past. This new Leadership team has been established for slightly different, albeit similar, purposes with a different leadership structure. It wouldn’t be fair to either the old team or the current team to make such comparisons.

Be aware that @Jazz is a volunteer mentor to the Leaders and may not be able to answer right away. Thank you for understanding.

One other note: If you need the assistance of a Leader, please refrain from tagging any specific Leader. We want to respect the time of our Leaders who are volunteering to serve you, so use the @ Leaders tag to allow the available Leader to respond.

Give me your opinions please!
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Can Ana, and admins see preferences?
Can leaders see it?


Only admins can see personal profile information.


Okay, but then they would see your email, and then they would see where you last logged on.
Can Leaders ban and suspend, and if they flag a post will it be hidden or does it need another flagger?


I know this is a little ironic, but @FearlessPhoenix already made a questions and answers (Q&A) topic. (I was also about to tag FP and make it more ironic, as you said not to tag a specific leader) :joy:


Yes, that is exactly right. Admins have to have access to all of that. That’s what it means to administer. However, Leaders do not have access to any of that. Leaders cannot ban, suspend or see who has flagged.


I know…this topic is more geared toward issues you may have with the other leaders, whether concerns or compliments. (the world is full of complaints. I’d love to see a change in that policy! Lol!)


Admins are different than leaders. Leaders cannot see your profile or make account-related changes. They can only edit posts and topics


Oops more irony, as you mentioned the Q&A. :joy:
But this is a nice topic to have, regardless of that


Sorry for questions lol

Does a flag from a leader mean more than a flag from a member or regular?


Lol! I know. I’m glad FP is so willing to answer questions. This topic is open to the same questions, but also an open door for other questions that users may not want to ask in FPs topic.


Yes. A Leader decision is weighed more heavily.


Will more leaders be considered in the future?


Yes, according to @Ana, August – from Q&A Topic


Yeah, instantly hides the post


Great question. Eventually, yes. As time goes on and Leader schedules change or they age into other activities in their life outside the forum, there will be opportunities for others. If that is ever of interest to you, practice appropriate “forum decorum” now. Know the guidelines and be aware of ways to mitigate conflict.


:clap: Well :clap: said


(I’m glad you didn’t. I might have to be upset if you overwork my team…Lol!)



The drawing topic is strange