Leaders ? What?


What are leaders, I don't understand and WHO are the leaders and what do they do


Leaders "run" the forum in a way. They can close/open topics, pin topics, and edit others' posts. They are a step down from mod.


Leader is the highest trust level you can get.


To add to this, they are kind, helpful, and active people. They are chosen by THT.


Who are thaey


Admin is, then mod, then leader. :D


And also do they have those little blue ticks like famous people do on Instagram


Admin and mod aren't official trust levels in Discourse.


Mods have shields by their names.


Go to Badges>Leader and look at the list.


They are

Did I miss any?


You missed 13 :stuck_out_tongue:


True. XD


Not including THT :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you missed @Gilbert189 @Mathgirl and a few others.

edit: NOT MATHGIRL I MEAN @Intellection74


Then you're missing 5 or so.





Can you tell them to me pls




You're welcome :D
(And you need to add a > at the end)