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I’d prefer not, as much discussion about certain things can be lost. I feel that editors should be able to add what has been asked most, but if there is something new brought up, I don’t really think people should immediately add it to FAQ (frequently asked questions). They should discuss it with leaders and leaders can edit post 2 if they wish


Capital idea, chap!


Well written! I’m sure that this will be helpful to many people.


Can you edit your own username?


Can you edit your own username?


just tried, doesn’t look like it. our preferences tab looks pretty much like yours.


Yeah, no we can’t. We’ve got just as much control over our profiles as we did before.


Hey, do you guys have a tag list that we can tag all of you by?
@Serenity @t7lks @Autobot_Beejay @William04GamerA @FearlessPhoenix @Roller_Blade @Jazz (whoever else I forgot)


Like instead of tagging you all 1 by 1


I remember something like this you can do
Ask @Petrichor I’m sure he remembers


@trust_level_4 never actually tagged anyone I thought.


Oh yeah and it doesn’t show up as a tag lol


Yeah u can’t tag anyone with it



Test test test hmmm


At this time, no. But I believe it’s in the works.


Ok thanks!


Could any of the leaders tell me why this topic I made was closed?


I’m sure Ana had a good reason, I’d just like to know why so I don’t make the same mistake in the future.


It probably was because it isn’t Hopscotch Coding related
But idk it does look really cool though


Prob because it isn’t Hopscotch-related.