Leaders Q and A Topic


Kind of. It’s more accessible than a PM.


Can they open a topic that has hit its post limit?
drawing topic 1


Really? I guess the old community mods didn’t follow that lol


Yeah exactly… Anyone can see with link or tag but otherwise not I assume


Only t1 was admin and changed titles I believe (same thing with groups)


Yes, but System closes shortly after…
@FearlessPhoenix tried it earlier.


Yes but System closes it again



I think it was mostly kiwicute


Lol yeah.

But me and @Petrichor tried portaling posts out of an old topic past the 10000 post limit and then reopening, and that actually works

(Credit to pet for the idea)


Yes, but it’s closed immediately.

The mods had moderator. Moderator has those permissions.

If you post in it, that shows up on all list s of just posts to you. And also presumably moderators and admins.


Maybe, if she was admin not just leader


They said it’s restricted to THT, which means that admins and mods or whatever won’t do it


She was a moderator.

Mods are the group that begin permission for user related moderation.


Ok yeah both mod/admin can edit groups and titles…


What they meant is that only tht has admin or mod. And if others did, they wouldn’t be allowed to do that. Most likely, I am not Jazz so i don’t know,


I can’t speak for that which I do not know. Lol!
But if they were accessing personal information, they may have been given a different trust level.


MAybe add into the faq post above that leaders have moderation abilities related to posts, topics, etc, while only moderators and admins (tht) have special user-related abilities.


Hey, y’all! Go easy on your compadres? Yeah?

Questions are super awesome, but remember, your new Leads are still learning…

Just asking that you be sensitive to that. :wink:


Yeah sure.

Actually, @Awesome_E, can I just make that a wiki so its more convenient?


I agree with RB; I think this FAQ would make a great place to direct people (once it’s fleshed out with more questions and answers) just so we don’t have to keep reiterating ourselves.