Leaders Q and A Topic


I know! It’s crazy


Idk I haven’t tried.
I don’t think so tho




I can hardly keep up with the people asking things I actually know.


Five a topic applies to everyone. Not sure if that’s what’s Jefferey meant.


Lol yeah same here.

You prob answered more than we did haha


Yeah I leave for two hours and come back to 65 notifs




I just enjoy answering their questions.


Oh I thought he meant how many we can create, not out on a topic.

The 5 tags per topic rule applies to us, i think


have you tried setting a timer for a topic yet?


If you are a regular, I think you can only make 3 or 5 new ones per day


I’m not sure about that.



Nope. Should I?




Topic title tags
Or at least thats what has happened to me when I used to do the huge topic tag things and disturbed the forum Layout


Lol ok I’ll Se if I can set a timer for it to bump to the top of lastest or smth


Anything having to do with user accounts is restricted to THT to protect users.


No, I was able to make 6 just now.


Maybe it was 7? I don’t remember anymore
Or maybe @system was against me all along


I am a little eager to see how unlisting works, when the time comes I’ll tag and see how it goes – it should be almost like a PM right? Not in latest, not in the category, link or tag in only?