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Sure. It shouldn’t effect me.


I’m not sure. Possibly.


Yes we can.


Can you undelete a deleted post?


I don’t think it updates all of it, bc anonymous used to be follow4likesofficial or something like that, and I think some of the tags stayed like that instead of anonymous


No, not that, just the fact that your profile would have a different link tied to it (the more drastic part is updating the tags, although they’re probably all tied to a user ID or somethin’ like that


Yes, until recently the mentions stayed as they were. A few months ago that changed.


There is a user id system, which I’m sssuming the links are based off of. I don’t know this for sure though.


Do TL4s have an edit limit?
Can they undelete a user’s deleted posto?


@Anonymous was always @Anonymous on the forum. He (or she but I think he) only changed it on the Hopscotch App


Yeah probably, it’s way more efficient like that


I think archiving also moves it to a hidden area or something.



He joined follow4likesofficial. The same week as me, actually.


No, we cannot.
There’s no edit limit, either, as far as I’m aware.


Ack I’m sorry it got flagged and won’t get unflagged…


Wow geez that is a lot of people


Yeah. 120 replies in an hour (basically)
2 replies a minute lol this is really blowing up


Do they have a limit to how many title tags they can create?


Lol no it was like that in 2015


Really… I never knew