Leaders Q and A Topic


Can you edit you own user trust Level?
Wait that doesn’t make sense


Mods only I am 99% sure


Like making it regular or member? Lol I know mods can do that


Possibly. It may cause temporary lag that no one notices. It would not have to update all links to profile i don’t think.


So what can mods not do?


You can change which title is showing, but other than that, no.


That’s mod/admin only. I tried it earlier… ;-;


Yeah I figured… sadly


Mods only on user tl editing.

Access some of the more adminy places. Like certain admin only options.


Do leaders have a flag limit?


not the link in the tag but the user link. And yes I did mean a silent refresh


Idk but I haven’t flagged anything so


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


…that’s a good question. I guess we’ll find out eventually!


Above the posts? I think that would not require changing.


can you delete someone’s post? or see their post’s edit history?

(im assuming yes)


Do they have an edit limit?
I don’t like the edit limits


Really? Can I try flagging that and see?


They can actually.


Yes and yes.
We can do both.

We can also edit any posts