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I see
Did the old community leaders ever ban users? I think they did have that ability I don’t remember so much now though


They did not have the ability…


What @iReesesCup said.


Yeah, but I think they were considered mods


I think the moderators May have. I don’t believe tl4 allows banning, but I’m not it comes completely sure.


Real question: Can you change your own title to whatever you want or is that mod only


We can’t ban, only Ana and tht can


I believe that is moderator or admin only.


I don’t know, I haven’t tried.

I think it’s mod only tho


I only ask because old leaders could do that, and they were not mods i don’t think (mods have that shield icon they did not), unless t1 did, which is very possible

Edit: I think t1 did


Can you edit your own username?


T1 is an admin.

Moderators are members of moderators group, and admins with admins group.


I think that is mod only since the whole forum has to refresh


I thought that was just a rumor crated by the old leaders.


Difference being what?



I mean, to be fair, I’m really new to this so there’s a lot I haven’t tried and don’t know.
Same with the other leaders I think, but they’re prob more experienced. Tagging them is prob better lol


So I tried this sentence 3 times

“Can you edit your own userame”

Causes the akismet to put the post in a mod approval waiting list


Admins can do literally everything.


No, you can only do that if your trust level is below basic


I mean they’d have to update every tag of that user, update all links to profile, etc.
And, I’ve never heard that rumor