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@FRENCH_WAVE123 @sophia @Dragonmaster101 think you were all involved when I asked for your patience - thank you for this! below I’ve attempted to outline some responses to your questions/comments and better clarify what kind of discussions are appropriate where.

I see @PumpkinGirl has already beaten me to your first question:

to explain in more detail, making (kid-friendly, respectful) projects to raise awareness about issues that strike your passion is productive, creative, and welcome on hopscotch! the key is “raise awareness” - there is a difference here between educating, advocating, and invalidating.

to use an example from one of my project ideas: a project talking about the benefits of grass-fed cattle would be educating (it lays out information with the goal of letting others know about it, and players can do what they like with this information), a project recommending that players buy more grass-fed cattle would be advocating (creator’s opinion is shared, players are urged to take a specific course of action), and a project saying that anyone who eats CAFO-produced meat is a bad person would be invalidating (saying something bad about a belief that someone else may value dearly).
we like educating - we’re an educational community! it probably goes without saying that invalidating is not okay. we also like advocating - but we must understand that certain spaces are more fitted for advocacy than others.

projects are great spaces for advocacy because they allow us the opportunity to do so in a productive way! however, discussing our political/religious opinions in a space like the forum poses a much higher risk for invalidating others than doing so in a project. you might have noticed this during your discussion earlier, where other users felt strong emotions because they disagreed or because they didn’t want to talk about it. the forum - especially the yak - is a public place where replies can happen quickly, and even if you think a conversation is “under control”, emotions can be hurt very quickly.
not to mention, many of our users are young, and are coming into their own ideas about the world. we may not know what circumstances of identity and environment inform someone else’s worldview. so the most important thing is that if someone tells you your advocacy is bordering on invalidation for them (as Dragonmaster has done), I would hope you’d respect their right to come to their ideals on their own.

a little less officially, I talked to a friend about this who is a little stronger in his faith than I am in mine

and he provided some interesting insight. while he does recognize that an important mission of Christians is to share beliefs with others, he knows that the most effective way to do that is through emotional connection and deep relationships with others. while relationships between coders flourish on the forum, the fact that our platform is public “limits the depth of said relationships” (friend’s words), making it not the ideal place for advocating specific beliefs.
hope this insight is helpful, or at least easier to relate to?

hope this helps!


I second this. Nicely put, Reni. :))

While there is nothing wrong with professing your beliefs, there is a place and a time for it. And we must all remember to be charitable to each other, even if we all share different beliefs. :innocent:

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i cant even right that much for a writing assignment Thanks for the clarifications! I think people will find this very helpful


Thank you for the in-depth clarification!
(That is the epitome of the term “well-written”)


by that rule, technically those under 13 aren’t allowed to be on the HSF period, or until they’re 13 due to COPPA restrictionz, and if a company ( in this case HS ) is found not following those guidelinez, HS could get in some serious trouble with COPPA + quite possibly the law if itz that bad, which in my opinion is a possible reality for the state that the HSF is in with their age restrictionz.
ive tried bringing this topic up once before, but idk if HS cares because im pretty sure it got brushed off very quickly and that it uh, didn’t matter that much or something ?? like ok, go against the COPPA laws ig


hey there! if you find any issues with the forum - you can email tht or perhaps make a post here?


So basically you’re saying that we can talk about religious content if it is strictly related to the realm of code, is appropriate for children of all ages, and doesn’t invalidate people?

Completely agree with that btw, I just want to clarify and make sure everyone’s on the same page.


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unfortunately we can’t check specifics for member - though I can direct you to this post!


You forgot that almost everything in COPPA can be bypassed through verifiable parental consent


Pretty much.

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