Leaders Q and A Topic


Nope I don’t think so, I can’t make an announcement topic


Can you make a topic without any categories?


Announcements for mods, what about this category? forum.gethopscotch.com/c/random


Yeah I can make a topic in there


Can you approve new accounts? Or promote / demote people’s user Status?


I don’t think so?
Again I haven’t tried


Ah, ok, that’s the uncategorized topic set very cool


As far as I know, no.
That would require access to the preferences settings, which we’re not granted as that could lead to us knowing personal info


Can you make custom tag groups?


You haven’t yet… unless you deleted it (You have to actually click create, everyone can access the create button but you’ll get an error reserved message)


Look @ post 2 please


Ah ok thx
I’m gonna create a list of questions so I don’t use up postos


Oh okey well I’ll try that later when I have more time


It’s ok I already have 30% of posts don’t think you have too many lol


Ah, I see
Mods and Leaders are different
That makes sense cool


Can Leaders ban users? Or check their IP Adress?


Both require access to admin pages of users. Only moderators or admins can do that.

Moderators is a group. Any trust level can be a moderator.

They cannot.


No, that is for mods


No and no, as far as I know.

I.p. Add.res.ses definitely no because that’s basically kinda personal info


Nah mods have all the cool suspending stuff and ip stuff