Leaders Q and A Topic


My guess is that we just have to wait for Ana’s explanation. I have never anticipated a new announcement so much.


I tried explaining the removal but I can’t explain the not being able to edit…
But Yusa, can you make the OP a wiki? And if so, can y’all edit it?


Maybe wikis are all uneditable so people don’t share CoF links in old wikis or something?


That’s basically what I said .
But I don’t understand why even Leader made wikis are uneditedable…

You’ll just have to wait for Ana on that


Hi leaders, do you think it’s okay if I link to a google docs file that people could click on to view the members of the Café Crew? They would be completely unable to edit it and I would make sure everyone who views the doc is anonymous.


There’s still the possibility of CoF.
You can just make 1 post and people can be asked to be added in and we’ll all them for you
And you can edit the op/discussion post if I put it on wiki for you. Use that


Use a post on the forum, for example the OP


How about a website? Like the website Awesome_E created?

I would, except, after a few months, that post would be uneditable and then any future café crew members wouldn’t have a spot on it unless I created a new post…


That’s still CoF and personal websites are not allowed

If I made it wiki, you’d still be able to edit the original post


Are you saying that I could edit it for as long as the post exists if you made it wiki?




Alright, coolness. Give me a sec…


My topics have been closed for no apparent reason. My gt just got closed without any warning, another topic I had just got closed upon the request of someone else simply because it was an old topic.

Would it be ok if I could make the decision in asking a Leader to close my topic? Thank you

I couldn’t put this post in my gt because it got closed..


GTs got removed and everything that’s spam or not coding related will be closed, archived and deprecated.
Old tops with no apparent use will also de clivecated


Oof sorry Jonny but GT’s aren’t aloud anymore:((


Lol what

Is this no joke land or




We have a big gt now


Sorry dude.

Also have to clivecate this too so yeah. Take last post


Ana took it to the extreme

Hs was at one extreme and now it just swung over to the other


It needed to be done