Leaders Q and A Topic


Well right now can anyone view it I want it deleted please…


I can’t delete topics.
I’ve asked Ana, be patient


Oh sorry if you thought I was screaming at you or something… :sweat_smile:


What does archiving a topic do? Verses just closing?


Closing means that no one except a leader or mod can post. Archiving means that no one can like, edit or delete posts in that topic.


Well thanks for the help


So not even leaders/mods can?


If closed and archived, is it still visible in the category list and/or in the list of latest?


We can edit posts in archived topics, but not delete or like


Yes, but most closed/ archived topics live in deprecated. If that’s the case, they will not be visible in latest
When we close and archive, we do our best to also move it to deprecated, but sometimes we can’t I feel we run out of edits or something.


Nah lol you’re fine.

Np, happy to help :slight_smile:


Then I think the standard practice of closing & archiving code related topics needs to be reconsidered


Oh? Okay. What would you suggest we do instead?


I have a question


Ask away :slight_smile:


How do people put that thing and when you click on it, it takes them to there hopscotch game that they wanted to show?


In Hopscotch, you go to a project, click the box with an arrow pointing up sticking out of it, click copy and then enter your birth year. It’ll copy the link to the clipboard and then you can paste it here. It’ll then onebox and you can click it


What’s the down side of leaving them open?

The reason I think they shouldn’t be closed/archived is that even if the original question was answered, that answer will likely still have value to others who wouldn’t see the topic if it was archived. Or others, who are just reading the topic, may have related questions of their own.


So this “Is this correct?”


Do you see a game called “registration card (Pokemon the game)”