Leaders Q and A Topic


Nah not really
It was basically like an interview


Oh. I wish I was at least regular.


Thank you, that helps (although why is invite in a different spot – older discourse verison?)


Invite was recently removed, and yes. I sneakity sneaked in a more recent screenshot, but I think I deleted it.


Oh wow it really was removed, it was here just an hour ago!


No it wasn’t. I noticed its absence an hour and a half ago.



@Petrichor what does your wrench button thing show you?


I think he stole a screenshot from somewhere, regs don’t have one


Can you send me a pic of what you see? (On another topic LGBOT here)


What is Bump Date, archive, and unlist?

I don’t think Archive is delete, that is on post 1 of topics, unlist hides from latest I think?, bump date is confusing


Unlist makes it a hidden topic so that you can’t find it without a link, archive essentially deletes it and bump date bumps the topic up every certain amount of days I think


Wait 3x like limit?! @FearlessPhoenix That’s a lot


I don’t know, I’m not leader. Although, after posting that, it does look as if I’m a moderator with tl3.

I’d assume when system bumps it.

Close but you can do literally nothing, not even edit.

Hides it from most lists.


Ok so hide from all view. Cool! Where does archived go to? Because you can delete post 1 to delete a topic but archive seems different

OK petri answered the archive question, it’s like permenant close


Yeah lol.
3x more than regulars


Yeah basically.

Oh cmon I’m almost out of likes no fairr


Wow great topic! Nice work!


You also cannot delete in an archived topic.


Crazy huh?

Quest Given: :world_map: Run out of likes 3 times and screenshot them with system time


Can leaders make announcement topics?
Or uncategorized topics?