Leaders Q and A Topic


Could you be quit from THT if you say something mean or inappropriate? (Just wondering)


We’re not part of THT, just volunteers.
And I don’t think they’re accepting any Moreno applications. Ana will tell y’all when that’ll happen. But for joining THT and possibly getting Leader, I’d recommend that you emaiI Ana


Yeah it would be cool


Well still such a good honor…


Do u know how madi and Alyssa got to be curators?


Well, can you tell me when Ana wants some volunteers?


Yeah, true I look up to Alyssa


@hopscotch-curators spe33 wants to know how y’all got to be curators


She’ll make a topic prob,


LGBOT now please,


Ok. Thanks Fea!


I misread the requirements when I applied for Leadership

The 6 months part (I had only been here for 3 :sweat_smile:)


What is LGBOT?


Oh, everyone makes silly mistakes thats fine


Get back on topic


Oh I am so sorry oh ok


Yeah lol


@Leaders More of a suggestion than a question. Maybe when you close a topic, take all the tags such as a OMTL or a POMTL out of the first post, because a lot of people are getting tagged by those. Thanks!


that would be a good role!


I think they already answered that before, lemme see if i can find it!