Leaders Q and A Topic


Nah, they realized that having community leaders is a flawed system unless the leaders also receive help/support from THT or other, older leaders

They resolved that issue this time, though! :)


Wait the 2016 leaders didn’t get guidance from THT what


Oh. Why didn’t they offer it back to u lot?


You’re a bit new so give it some time. But you could always apply when they start up again


Well, we did, just not as much as the new leaders do. We were operating on our own more than they are, which caused issues

Anyway, back to the new leaders, sorry for veering off topic!

@Stylishpoopemoji33, most of the old leaders left/became much more inactive by the time the new leaders were promoted


Ok, so like you have been a leader to long


Nah it’s chill friendo :))
But yeah lol LGBOT a tad





Sorry. Didn’t see that.


oh so inactivity


Going back to this, what’s different now than in the past?


Just stalks this topic…


Last time you guys were Mods, so you could delete posts and give out titles etc.
This time, we’re just leaders. So we can’t see the preferences tab or give titles or anything


If you guys are looking for people to become leaders I may accept… I have always wanted to be part of THT they are just so cool and do great stuff the app was introduced to me in stem class no one liked the game except for me and have been coding since then. Weird backstory hu.


Oh, yeah. Thought you meant they added roles to leaders. One role that I would like to see added to leaders is the ability to delete posts, for some reason they can do almost everything with posts except delete them. I guess I see why, I just think it would make sense


Oh so a little different…


oh ok… makes sense


Yeah but like I said I would love to join THT read reply


Nah. No added roles.

I think Ana was looking in to the deleted posts thing, but we have a system we’re using to get rid of posts in a fashion where Ana can delete the really bad ones and just leave the other ones to rot essentially so yeah. It’d be kinda nice but I can understand it too ig


It would be Awesome to be on THT or be a leader…