Leaders Q and A Topic


I had a question but people might know this but I don’t so could I ask you this question?


Yeah sure!
I’ll do my best to help


Do you know how you become a leader and some info about it. Sorry if this is not on topic


You become a leader through an application process. You do a couple tasks and challenges and stuff and there are different rounds. then THT picks the new leads.

It’s perfectly on topic, don’t worry bout that :slight_smile:


Are the challenges fun or are they like hard?


A mix of both I guess. Kinda like an interview via emaiI


Oh, ok thanks


SBYP! :joy:


That sounds awesome! When is the next “election”?


hm sounds cool.


lol that’s super deãd. And we actually have slightly different abilities this time around so some if that info would be incorrect


Nah, I’m just joking


@Gilbert189 U were a leader?


lol I know


Yeah, quite a while ago




Awesome! Why was it taken away?


What happened you quit?


quits Leader job
goes through withdrawl


Wait were there more that aren’t leaders anymore? I will be happy to possibly become a leader…