Leaders Q and A Topic


starting tomorrow! April 9th is our big cleanup day.


Okay. Thanks for the info.



Not sure as of now.
I’ll ask Ana for you guys tho.


Probably not, but they’ll probably get banned if they share it


Is it possible to extend the max amount of replies of a topic?


No not really. Unless if you count leader replies


Are we allowed to share usernames for Animal Jam (a game that does have chat in it but is filtered — users can only say certain allowed words, everything else is blocked)?


I’m not 10000% sure but I’d recommend that you dont. Still is pCoF and there’s a risk of more CoF methods etc and that’s not good, so I’d say to not do that.


Well the main problem with that is that other forms of communication could be shared


What happens if you get banned does your “regular” change?

Hopscotch Forum Leader Awards 🏆

You can loose reg if you get banned.


Well the regular Thin buffalo and tankt earned

Hopscotch Forum Leader Awards 🏆

No, that’s permanent regular. They can never loose that


Oh, ok I was just curios thanks :star_struck:


No prob dude, happy to help


So is this topic about questions on the forum?


Kinda sorta not really.
If you have any questions for us or in general you can ask us here and we’ll reply


Oh ok thanks


Np :slight_smile: