Leaders Q and A Topic


Are leaders able to tell who flagged something?


Only moderators I think


@Awesome_E is correct.


Ok. Thanks!


Could someone maybe make this post wiki? (The top post)


Thanks so much @Serenity!


@Leaders, I would suggest removing all the off topic posts that are towards the bottom of Jazz’s PFP challenge topic


Will do.
Where do you suggest moving them to? Here?


Can they be deleted? No need to retain off topic posts that don’t add any value, IMO


We can’t delete posts sadly. Only portal.
But I agree with that.


Can you “hide” topics so the community can’t see them? If so, maybe make a “Garbage Collection” topic, hide it, and portal off topics posts there?


We can unlist them but that’s just about it.
That’s a good idea tho, thanks. Will keep that in mind and bring it up with Jazz or Ana.
Because if we move it to an unlisted topic, there is still a high chance some community members might find it which might not always be so great.


Perhaps another option, as I believe you can edit posts, would be to edit any off topic post so it’s blank or perhaps has a standard message like {Post removed as off topic}. Obviously that’s less preferable than removing the post all together, but perhaps would be better than nothing (leaving the off topic posts).


Yes but the spam would still remain.
I moved them to this topic instead. I and the rest of the team felt that it was the most appropriate place for those discussions (some of what Jazz said was pretty well stated and worth keeping anyway)


Good point. And thank you. You rock.


Yeah no prob dude
Haha thanks


Thanks for your suggestion. Incidentally, one of our Leaders had experimented with this possibility the day of or before your suggestion, so I created such a topic this morning for permanent use.

Feel free to @ the Leaders, Ana or myself if you see additional changes that you believe will enhance the current changes THT is making to return the forum back to their vision.


@Leaders is it true that you’re making an update, code and projects topic for everyone? Does it matter if I already have one?


yes, there will be a communal project updates topic, similar to the communal “gt” but focused entirely on code. when it is created, we can merge the posts from your topic there and you can use that topic for future updates.


Thanks. When will this be?