Leaders Q and A Topic


What do you mean?


What do you mean close messages?


Prob those messages on closed topic thingies, like the messages leaders can edit into a close banner thingy


When selecting all we can do is move or “portal” as we like to call it the comments from one post to another


I meant those messages on closing a topic. My idea was off and wouldn’t work anyway


@everyoneinthedrawingtopic leave the leaders alone they haven’t been doing it for a week yet they need time o figure stuff out


I agree


:)) ty for the support pet


Yeah, thank you @Petrichor! We try to do our best.


Are you able to view profiles even if they’re hidden?

Can you make any major changes to the forum (ie, add a new category, change the layout, etc.)?


No, we can’t view hidden profiles.

No, we can’t make new categories.

No, we can’t change the look or layout of the forum.

Hope this helps!


No, leaders only manage posts and condition of topic (close, open, unlist)


…pretty much everything major is controlled by the admins, like @Ana for example.


About the hopscotch coding contest things - are custom titles going to be brought back as prizes? Also are groups being brought back?
Ik u can’t create them but maybe u know about it


can you ban accounts?


No, leaders do not have the ability to ban users. That is a mod/admin privilege.


We have been discussing both of these questions, and though there is nothing official yet, it seems like they may be possible. Like I said though, there hasn’t been much in the way of official discussion, so it may change.


Why reply to me? :man_shrugging:

oh well… what you said is true though…


When looking back it now, I don’t know…


Older topics/posts apparently “lock” after some period of time such that they can no longer be edited.

Leaders, are you able to “unlock” those posts?

For example, I’d like to be able to edit this post to indicate that modulo with non-integers got fixed