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I was wondering why I see that some projects get closed when they are resolved, when people should still be able to put in their input on the matter. I mean I feel that others should be able to access the topics too, instead of putting them in the lounge. Sorry, this isn’t “BabyButterfly’s opinion topic.” Is there an exact reason why topics are closed?


Yeah that makes sense and I see where you’re coming from. As to why they get lounged after they get resolved, I’d say that’s prob because of the fact that most people would just make their own topic about a problem and wouldn’t bother to search for or read through the old threads. And because this probably wouldn’t / rarely happens, it’s better to keep the forum mostly unclogged by putting them away where most people can’t see them.
As to why we close topics, we close topics if they’re duplicates, can go in a gt, are inappropriate (like “I’m Ieaving” topics) or are just plain spam


Ok, thanks for the answer.


Well said, I agree that it should be gradual as oppos3 to “let’s do this” 5000 times in a minute


does any one have any idea why i lost regular? i got it in like 2017…


you can lose it from not being active (viewing topics, receiving/giving likes, etc), getting suspended, or getting flagged a lot. im not a leader but im pretty sure that thats correct lol


Btw, it may be a good idea to add this under what they can’t do: they can’t just wave a magic wand and make your problems go away, so it’s best to not get mad if they try their best to help but don’t entirely resolve the problem.


You can make anything wiki?! Oh geez, y’all will be getting tags from me in the future.


Yes, we can! We can do a lot, actually. But, as we (at least I) have a massive amount of tags to go though (over 50 tags as of today), accept some delay, please!


That is already there, leaders can edit all posts and topics, but not anything related to profiles


Yep, Leaders can also turn any post into a wiki, which is helpful when someone doesn’t have regular. We can also close, unlist, archive, merge, split, and “portal” (as we like to call it) posts and comments.


jeez is this what i missed when im gone?! i might be more active to see how staff do :wink:


…but with that said, no one should be worried that we edit or “sneak into” their posts. We only take action on posts/topics when we need to do that or when a user asks us to make a post wiki, for example.


(But that is why you have been selected as leader and not a random person)


Yes, that is correct.


hi bbox


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@hopscotchremixer open dt in about a minute, I wanna try something


Ok I will sp.am open it


Didn’t work, sadly.

@fearlessphoenix when sekecting posts, do close messages work?