Leaders Q and A Topic


Wait what I thought I deleted that lol, could someone maybe take it off wiki please?

Thanks tho!


A question for all leaders,

Do you have any plans relating to what you are going to change as leader?

Will you be making any more competitions? How do you think your leadership will change the forum?


Oh yeah, is there going to be a summer contest or anything?




Thanks for taking it off wiki!


Yeah do I have a couple plans and stuff I wanna change. We all do, I think. But best to give it some time for us to settle into this completely and have y’all be comfortable with this new addition.
Yeah, more competitions definitely will be coming up. There are already currently ongoing ones so feel free to check those out (codehop, ICL, march madness, etc)
It’ll change it in a good way I guess. No one can know for sure We’ll just have to see, won’t we? :slight_smile:


Update: we have a new addition to our team, @HopscotchRemixer !! Please welcome him all of y’all

Also another thing: you can tag all of us now with the @Leaders custom group tag. Apologies about the old one.


I edited the post just to account for the tag. If you pit invisible letters in between the @ and the group it won’t tag them.


Yeah lol ik I was just too lazy to do that





Hah, ok. Sorry for tag, just testing


Thank you so so so much!


(So, there’s this story about a boy who cried wolf…)

Hehe! No prob…today anyway. :wink:


Wait your a leader now?
That’s cool!
So how are leaders decided?


Wait how do you apply to be leader


Em.ail Ana

I think it’s closed now tho but you can still em.ail and ask


I’m fine as regular for now.
Well congrats on leader!



Thank you!!


There’s alwslays been and always will be.
Just wait until later, people’ll start planning way ahead. Just a few eeks until they start planning.

Wow you guys smile! The group tag makes me happy because it smiles at me


I’d already started a project in like October lol but I might end up judging or smth cuz Leader happened

Yay well I’m glad we made you happy. And yes, we smile :smiley: