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Uh what is configurations

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ok, i did what you said - thanks!


Is configurations preferences?


Yes, in this case, it seems like that was what Innerpanda meant.


Would it be possible to create a topic for Wildflower Wishes? It’s been getting very lost in the DHT. Of course, the drawings would still take up profile space, and would not be posted directly in the topic, the submissions would be linked from the DHT. I think it’d just make it easier to find submissions, post results, and find prompts.


I haven’t seen Leaders @/Fenith and @/LunarEclispe around. Are they still on the forum?


Fenith took a break from the forum, and LunarEclipse is still active sometimes.


Why is fenith a leader then?


I believe fenith will come active again, soon. Just took a little break


Oh ok cool


Yes, but one of them are on a break.


yes! everyone has different schedules and availabilities, even (and especially) in summer. Luna has been very busy with IRL and Fenith is currently on a break for personal reasons



I created a poll an i set to automatically close an only show the results when closed but, due to personal reasons, I decided to close it early… and so I did, but now it’s just showing NaN (not a number I’m assuming) as the number. Dog Icing’s Tag List - #11 by DogIcing. Is this something that can be fixed or do I just have to wait until the date that I set originally for the poll to close?



it looks fine to me


Weird, it looks fine to me. Have you tried to refresh the page?


If I’m building a shop that sells character sprites I make myself, would the products count as commissions and therefore not have to be in a portfolio or no?

I’d still limit the amount I sell so that I wouldn’t go over the image limit


if the products are drawn art from outside of hopscotch, they are commissions! these are requestable through the commissioning process in the DHT. I would suggest opening a series of DHT commissions with seeds/currency as payment, rather than a shop topic - as this helps keep all drawn art within the DHT.

if you’d like, I can check with the team on making this more clear in the updated guidelines!


Here’s an example product from my shopkeeping guide, which I thought would turn out ok to use:

Basically, I was thinking that all art would still be contained in the drawing topic no matter what, but there would be a separate touch point (meaning a point for customers to order from) for ordering art via the shop! Hopefully there’s no problems with this, as I also described that all or most commissions done from shops must be Hopscotch related:

I also was hoping specifically that artists would have a place to commission and put themselves out there, as well as coders, so we can have a non-biased shopkeeping and economic situation.

Sorry if I broke any rules, but I really tried to encourage products to be tied back to Hopscotch as much as I could!


Here’s a list of reasons why art commissions should be allowed for topics (and why I thought it was ok, because the commissions are Hopscotch-related):

  • It creates a totally non-biased shopkeeping relationship, allowing long-time Hopscotch artists the opportunity to make game art for other creators for seeds and balloons, without needing to get planted or needing the seed block, allowing them to use their talents in the most productive way possible for other people
    • Coders and artists would both have the ability to make seeds with shops, which is more fair if both types of works are Hopscotch-related
  • Prevents the need to create popups in the DHT
    • Less topic clutter there
    • Higher customer retention for commissioners, allowing for a unique and identifiable touch point
  • Balloons are a new currency made to level out the playing field between seed developers and artists, which can be used alongside seeds for ordering from other forum shops
    • Since seeds cost real money, this creates an economic situation where seeds are much more difficult to get from artists. Balloons help alleviate that problem
  • Big picture: art shops will help split up the “solopreneur” attitudes of Hopscotch project creation and promote indirect collaboration between artists and coders. It’s a great source of fun for artists, and coders will benefit from their work in great ways
    • Artists can get their name out there by having their sprites in games
    • Increases overall art quality of games

Art shops will make game art more accessible to coders that want to include custom art in their games, which is the biggest way that I can assure these shops to be Hopscotch-related. In return, artists can create a base for their shop and receive currency back in return; it’s a win-win.

“Change causes division, but change also creates new directions.” - Pokemon Black (paraphrase)


thanks for the input :)) im sure the leaders appreciate it and will discuss your points asap