Leaders Q and A Topic


Thank you this is such a good topic to have


No prob :slight_smile:


I thought when you were a leader you couldn’t code exepet be on the Fourm @William04GamerA because it says you just recently made a game. Sounds like a fun thing to do… Being a leader and getting to be able to code.

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Nope, you can code and do this. There’s nothing against it. This is just volunteer work we do in our free time


Yep, being a leader is much fun! And you can be on Hopscotch at the same time.


Shouldn’t there at least be some minimum time of inactivity before a topic is closed?

Please reopen this one

I need to make a correction

@FearlessPhoenix, I’m done editing. In accordance with Jazz’s comments, please move it to Open Source Code (I would but I can’t since it’s closed)


But I already know how and I don’t need any more help…


At first I didn’t want it to be a topic because it could be answered in 1 post

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Anyone can still read the topic


And I discovered I could use your “point towards 1 block” method but instead of 2 objects the VH & VV

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I asked for it to be made a separate topic because others could (and likely will eventually) have a similar question. So we should make it as easy as possible for others to learn from the questions we ask so the same question doesn’t have to be asked and answered over and over.

This is also why I think it does a disservice to the community when topics like this are moved to ‘Deprecated’.


Ohh ok! But still we should instead make an #HA:open-source-code topic for that, since it’s already solved


What do we have here?


I have just a brief moment, so if you reply it might be a bit…

For the time being, Ana has said 3+ months of inactivity. I’m also asking people to seriously evaluate the usefulness of the topic to advance code. If a topic is truly contributing to the goals of THT, we want to keep them in the best topic possible for access…like a library of resources. We won’t do this perfectly, myself included, but we really only want twaddle in deprecated.

The biggest problem of late, as you’ve noted, is the chatter. The longer a topic remains open, the more likely the conversation will devolve away from the purpose of the topic and the forum…especially after two years with no leaders. Ana and I will be revisiting this policy in a few months if the users show an understanding of the end goals Hopscotch desires for the forum.

Thanks, truly, for your contributions to this effort.


I unarchieved it.
Make your correction and then I’ll re archive


GweTV if you wanna talk about a particular topic, maybe move to the GT to keep it on topic?

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I was just asking what’s going on here (on this topic)


Read the discussion then


I try to only tag you guys for topics that are:
a) games
b) not related to HS at all
c) collabs that have none/very little projects and a lot of talk!

is that okay or should I look at the topic more before tagging the leaders?