Leaders Q and A Topic


At this time, no. But I believe it’s in the works.


Ok thanks!


Could any of the leaders tell me why this topic I made was closed?


I’m sure Ana had a good reason, I’d just like to know why so I don’t make the same mistake in the future.


It probably was because it isn’t Hopscotch Coding related
But idk it does look really cool though


Prob because it isn’t Hopscotch-related.

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Can someone maybe put this post on global edit?
If you don’t mind ofc.


It’s not Hopscotch related but like so isn’t other stuff on the forums like games or the ment. health topic.


Or like the drawing topic too

I think the one you made should count as Hopscotch related since it was a game development topic for a game you are creating in Hopscotch


Done. Did I enable it on the correct post?


It wasn’t for a Hopscotch game, it was for a text game I made on another website with real code.

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Yep! Thanks so much!!

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Oh, ok
I think there may be apple forums for c, c#, and swift development.
In my oppinion I think we should be able to discuss higher forms of programming on here, since we shouldn’t stick with Hopscotch forever, we need to expand

I’m sure Ana has a good reason, but maybe something like this would be good for a General Topic

Or we could petition for new forum categories

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That appears to be the left. :slight_smile:


I think the existing ones (mainly random stuff) should be fine.

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Apparently not, that’s where I put my post and it was closed.

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Ana had a good reason.


If it’s related to users, only moderators and admins (tht) can do it.

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Yeah like I said originally I believe that, but I’d like to know what that reason is. Otherwise, what’s preventing me from accidentally doing it again?

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It’s not related to Hopscotch and can go in either a gt or on a different forum. Yeah, it may be coding related but this is for stuff more specific to Hopscotch
That’s why it was closed.


Right, it would be perfect for a general topic or something of the sort
It even probably would’ve be fine if he said he was going to make a hopscotch version of it in the future