Leaders Q and A Topic

As you guys probably already know,
@William04GamerA, @Serenity, @TheCMStudios and @PumpkinGirl are the Forum Leaders!

This is a Q and A topic, where you can ask the leaders questions about anything they do. This may also be used as a topic for future reference.

Ask away, and they’ll do their best to answer!


Nice topic first reply cool

FAQ At A Glance (I will continue to edit this – yeah it’s getting pretty big now)

Table of Contents

Can you create custom groups?

No, they cannot. That function can only be done by a moderator.

Can you PM people?

Same as above

How about Custom Titles?

This can only be done by a moderator such as Ana and is only given out on special occasions that will be announced such as the summer contest or leader applications. Asking for one just because you want one won’t do the trick.

What can I ask them?

You can ask them questions about anything from forum protocols to Hopscotch code. They’ll also ensure that your topics and posts are relevant and positive. You can also tag them if you notice inappropriate content, unsafe links, etc.

When is a good time to tag them?

I’m sure they would love to help anytime, whether it is to deal with a flamewar, closing a topic temporarily, etc. Feel free to tag them for help, that’s why they are leaders.

When could I become a leader?

Whenever Ana or mods need some more or offer up some more spots or need more assistance. As for what’s required to earn the position – here is a bit of info on that:

What can a leader do?

  • Edit all posts. This includes making them a wiki.
  • Pin/unpin topic
  • Close and Archive topics
  • Edit topics in to or from any category
  • Make topics unlisted
  • Split and merge topics (portaling)
  • Reset topic bump date
  • Daily like limit increased by 3×
  • Any TL4 flag cast on any post immediately takes effect and hides the target post

What can’t a leader do?

  • Anything related to users, banning and profiles; this is restricted to THT so all users stay safe.
  • As previously mentioned, PMing people, custom groups, and custom titles are all mod-only functions.
  • Basically, a leader has full control of every post and topic, but nothing related to users

How can I see when any leader is on so I don’t have to check each or tag them?

You can go to the leaders group and see when each person last posted or was last seen. This also allows you to see everyone in the group.

Any other questions?

Feel free to tag me or a leader about a FAQ. I will keep this post updated.

Content Codes – “Why was my post edited?”

Code Meaning
CoF Communication outside Forum
pCoF Possible Communication Outside Forum
IC Inappropriate Content
ICL Inappropriate Content / Language
ICR Inappropriate Content / Relationships
ICD Inappropriate Content / Disturbing
PI Personal Info
SPF Spam; Put In Folder

Other Codes

Code Meaning
HS Hopscotch
HSF Hopscotch Forum
THT The Hopscotch Team
HDC Hopscotch Daily Challenge
OP Opening/Discussion Post. (First post in a topic)
(L)GBOT (Let’s) Get back on topic
SOT Stay on topic
OMTL Official Mass Tag List
POMTL Project Official Mass Tag List
GDT General Discussion Topic (aka the thing below)
YCTAYHCH You can talk about your Hopscotch Coding here
GPUT General Project Updates Topic
MSS Make Someone Smile
GC Game Changer
?? Whatever else

General Questions asked now and then

  • What’s an “anon” account?
    • It’s an account of someone who has been deleted for breaking the guidelines or by request, but system could not delete all of their posts. It’s like a ban, but not really.
  • Why must we leave in our edit reasons?

    (Tap the arrow to read the full post)

  • Why have so many topics been closed (and reopened) recently? … or … Why do I have a bunch of tags?
    • To put it in my own words, no community is perfect. Hopscotch has a few things that they need to take care of, and they need to do this without being constantly asked by the community on what is happening. That’s why they say “we don’t talk about it” for that situation, as terrible as the reason may come off at first – there’s a reason behind it which is confidential to keep the rest of us safe, really, it is.
    • If you’ve seen these happen before, you know what they are. If you haven’t that’s ok. Mentioning these events or occurrences don’t help the community get better in any way, and if you really need to speak about it privately, email ana@gethopscotch.com
  • It feels like my advice is being ignored… is anything even happening “behind the scenes” like the Leaders say?
    • Obviously, I have no first-hand experience, but the process of getting things done take some time, and it varies depending on timing and the group taking the action. I definitely believe the Leadership team is trying their best to provide a good experience, regardless of the outcome. And Leaders, if you want to edit this to correct some statements, please do by all means.

Can’t you close topics or something

What are some new things you can do lol


We can do a lot, like splitting and merging topics and opening and closing and editing any post and making anything a wiki

And more


What does this:

look like for you?


What do y’all think of the older leaders? Back in 2016 or so?


Same type of thing. They were great, new ones will be too


It has a big wrench next to it. To the right.


2016 leaders were gods lol


I wanted a screenshot response but thanks




Thank you @Awesome_E, for putting up those FAQ! That was very helpful and probably just saved us some time!


Full screenshot, but thanks again




Do you get tagged a lot? @FearlessPhoenix
Do you get to come up with challenges?


Lol yeah I’ve gotten a. Lot of tags today

Eh well we got announced as leaders today so not much yet


Also, did you apply for leader, or just randomly got picked?


We all applied and had to go through a bunch of challenges to get to the next rounds.


Wow, sounds hard. Did you have to like, code stuff?


No they didn’t – it was about analyzing situations in the forum and personality test