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I’m not even sure how Admin Coders was allowed as a group name but pre 2020 HSF was something else

(I guess it was created after 2020 so point invalid)


Admin_Coders is @/AdminCod3R’s group


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That’s a perfect question to ask over at this topic: You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL]! This topic is for questions to forum leaders. No worries at all though - if you don’t mind, I’ll move the posts to the linked topic!


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PSA: No more testing invite links

Hey @omtl, @FearlessFriends.

There’s recently been an update to the "Share" feature. While this may appear to be the removed “poke” feature, it is not and should not be used on the forum.

If you go to topic controls then share then invite , you see a menu that provides many options for what seems to be a way to invite a user to a specific topic, via by link or email.

This does not create the poke notification as the previous feature did.
It instead creates an invite link that, when clicked, will display on your profile that you were "Invited by: @username_of_inviter", even if this person did not actually invite you to the forum.

It lists misinformation and publicly puts stuff irremovably on profiles (it lists it as the poster inviting the clicker to the forum).
This can both be incredibly misleading and annoying, and all affected are not pleased

Therefore, until further notice, you are not allowed to post these links anywhere on the forum and affect more Hops.


okay, but what are psa?


public service announcement


Looks like you can bypass slow mode as a leader or as a admin.

You better remove that then as testing invite links is included in that. Also where should we test them then? Also are you just mad because it says I invited you. Therefore my profile is linked to yours. If you didn’t want that you could have simply not clicked it. /sarc Also does mine say I invited myself?


Just don’t test them - the whole reason isn’t that they’re mad that they’re invited by you, they just don’t want the same thing happening to anybody else

No it doesnt say you invited yourself, the reason I posted one is because I was seeing if I could get rid of it as well


you cant test them at all, only send them to external forum sources

and this;

yes it is annoying but annoyance is not contained solely to me, it is annoyance that everyone feels upon randomly having something untrue irremovably display on their profile.

continuing to do so is malicious intent and we’re not allowing this to be tested going forward. this may change upon finding a fix but based on whats been happening with this, this is a decision we’ve made after discussion


Sorry :disappointed: I didn’t have bad intentions. I thought that was the “poke” that I’ve heard of. I didn’t know it would do that. Plus it was allowed at the time.


no one assumed you had bad intentions or that it would do that – we didnt either, as this has only recently come with a discourse update (probably yesterday) which is why this wasnt addressed earlier.

however, after seeing what it does, the affects on community members, and misinformation, we’ve decided to not allow this
policies are made, policies change but regardless of what they may be and how you may feel about them, by being on HSF you are agreeing to the terms of service which entail respecting and following all existing policies at all times. you can question it but that is absolutely no reason for being combative and disrespectful for those who’s job it is to enforce said policies when those changes are being announced


no no, it was there for a long time, i don’t remember not seeing it since i joined the forum - it was next to the poke button in the past :))


Maybe you should contact discourse and ask them to make it removable.

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it was there but it wasnt formatted like this and it didn’t previously have the same effect


we will deal with the fixing as we are able – just follow the policy we’ve requested until we do so


edit history


Wait so if i was to start a competition can I still tag omtl?


I think it’s trust level locked to eather regular or leader.
Edit: huh the text “trust level” turned into a link on its own.