:Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 2

@Mythtical we are aware that you are new to the forum, but we really need you to read thoughtfully the entire community guidelines. i know the feeling of creating a useful topic people will enjoy, but how about you take a step back, enjoy the topics we already have right now and then when you will be more used to the community guideline you start creating topics that are better aligned with our rules?

if you absolutely absolutely absolutely wanna have your own topic - Competitions & Events for a community competition; or Project Updates to let the community know of your updates about your games are both two pretty good places to start with

again, i do insist to read the community guidelines again. no need to read everything all at once, but you definitely must start to consider that topic somewhat soon :wink:

again, welcome to the forum - the order of this post is kinda weird lol but im triangle both on the forum and on the app, and its nice to meet you :))