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This could go on the taco unless you are also beta testing I think.


Well someone did I joke one just do it


To my knowledge, you can’t do topics for singular projects, they have to be for all of them.

And even so, a question like this could be posted in the yctaco followed by a tag list tag or something


I have done a few topics for singular projects and no one said anything about them.


The seed devs did it so…
Preeetty sure its fine


Shall we wait for a leader to resolve this situation?


@koiphish, is this topic allowed?


What bank never has any money?
A river bank!


It’d be best if it were done in a concrete form like a competition, otherwise it could go in the yak :))

Or a beta testing topic if one exists


Thx fear :))
So, @Santa998, you can beta test here, and maybe just ask for riddles as a bonus-thing. This project sounds cool, cant wait to see it!


Hey there,

Thank you for bringing this up for discussion! Just thought I would use this opportunity to chime in and give my thoughts on this to reduce further confusion.

The reason why we are very strict about making private message topics or unlisting topics for collabs is that it’s hard to moderate. While it is a very understandable request, we currently don’t have enough resources to monitor those conversations. Since most of our users are minors, we cannot risk this without having a strong protocol first.

Essentially, PMs and unlisted topics share similar concerns with communications outside of the forum. If they are not well-monitored, these channels of communication can turn chaotic quickly. I know that many of you have genuine reasons for requesting these, and they will be beneficial for coding. However, if we start allowing people to create PMs or unlisted topics, then it will become harder to decide who gets a PM and who doesn’t.

With that said, I did approve some PMs while running the Seed Developer Program (such as the one @GOATGAMES mentioned), because I know who the Seed Developers are, and we collect consent forms from them to make sure that they’re not random stranger off the internet. All the conversations were also strictly limited to coding related discussions, monitored by me. The topics will also be closed upon the finishing of Seed Developer Program. I encourage any Hopscotchers to apply to the Seed Developer Program if they seek this sort of close collaboration opportunity.

Making a public collaboration topic, or even discussing coding anywhere in the forum, is still a very good option. I know people are concerned about putting their unfinished projects out there. But if everyone does something similar, then we can normalize it! Even in real life, we have a lot of open source codes and projects where people can take a look at projects in progress. This feature has tremendous benefits for learning.

I also want to reassure you that the Hopscotch team is making efforts to implement collaboration features within Hopscotch in the future, so you might not need to wait too long until you can do collabs easily!

If you feel strongly about having a topic or PM dedicated to your project, feel free to email me directly at hello@gethopscotch.com, and I can approve or deny your request depending on the situation.


Oh yeah, also wanna add my quick two cents as the other person in said PM — the way that the seed dev program works is that you can get help from any seed devs thatve participated in the program, but not all former seed devs have access to the current round’s category, so they can’t access stuff unless they’ve been added there (which they won’t cuz they’re not in that round of the program) or have been given a link. The only way to do this is with a PM as an unlisted topic can’t work in this case because it’s kept secret until release (and that’s just how the program works, which is different from another instance of just wanting a closed beta)


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Is communication on other apps allowed on the app?

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