:Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 1

Yep, a few of us have!

No, it is volunteer work, but you get a lot of experience and amazing opportunities from it!

We’re multiple leaders based in different time zones, so that’s a key factor I believe. We try to be on whenever we can! No one is on 24/7 though - and at that downtime, we (at least I) do our “other things” (such as studying etc.).


That’s why I should be a leader

I can be on 18 hours a day!


Would adding someone as a collaborator on a GitHub repository count as CoF?

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Yep, apologies :||

Many other factors to bring a lead, having the time is just one of them :wink:


Yeah and I don’t qualify for anything else :frowning:


it’s not very likely to be true, because an average person is awake about 15 hours per day. and an average person would spend 3 hours & 15 minutes on a device. so if you take 3 hours & 15 mins away from 15 hours, you’d get just over 12 mins, which means that we’re offline for 12 hours per every day of our lives, which is pretty impressive if you think about it.

anyway, let’s gbot:)


Well I’m not average so…


you need to visit the forum at least 365 days.


Joe mama needs to as well :sunglasses:


thanks! food for thought…

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Hey @Leaders - I was just wondering if I could make a topic about things you can do beyond Hopscotch that are code-related and art-related. It’s not quite on the topic of Hopscotch but I really wish I had this sort of resource when I quit the forum officially two-ish years ago now.

It’s a really cool world! And eventually after Hopscotch I started looking around and whatnot for some other fun project I could start, to also possibly enter the professional world, etc.

I was just wondering if I could make a topic that outlines different domains, like game/app programming, art, UX/UI design, 3D modeling, stuff like this. I think it’d be a really useful topic, but I’m just not sure if it’s allowed on here anymore, because of how organized this forum’s become. I just don’t want to end up writing a full topic on this, and then end up having it be deleted because it’s not Hopscotch related.

Edit: Sorry I put this here, I don’t know which topic this sort of on topic but miscellaneous chat belongs in anymore. :sweat_smile:


Wait what your back


Not really - but Hopscotch is in my head a lot… there’s a lot of cool people I’ve met here and it was fun while it lasted. I just really wanted to make this topic…! I’ve had this idea for a while now but I suddenly had the motivation to make it. It’s kind of inspired by my last topic.

Anyways, most of my topics are closed now, and all I have is a phone to do projects on. I feel like if I rejoined the forum, at least, it wouldn’t be the same without my old friends… but I’ve been a bit tempted to make an actual project, but the lack of consistent delay times between notes (music blocks) makes good music pretty hard to compose, because of the lack of rhythm created by these non-equal delay times (all the lag and stuff causing the music to sound off rhythm). It’s just not steady enough for the idea I had.

Plus, the phone thing - no Hopscotch on my iPad, and it’s weird to me working in a vertical resolution. Maybe I could get used to it, I dunno.

But yeah. Maybe someday I’ll make one last project, or maybe more. Depends on my motivations and the time I have, at that point.

Anyways, let’s GBOT.


There’s this topic, I’m not sure if it fits exactly what you’re looking for though.


Oh true! Maybe that means I could make a new topic, yeah.

I’ll wait for a response for now. I really don’t want it clived.


@rawrbear hello i am here as a witness because you are “back”


Hehe, I’m not quite back. Thanks for the support though.
You too @Heracc
Let’s GBOT though.


There’s also the non-hs coding topic

But I believe that would be a cool topic and could certainly be allowed in random stuff. I’d wait for official confirmation tho


hey there - awesome to hear a little about your journey on hopscotch!
- oh and just moved these to a slightly better topic ;))

to answer your question,
saw the others listed some epic general topics - here’s a couple more…
Nerdy Math Topic!
Coding Gossips!
Non-hopscotch open source code - help and general discussion!

on the specific topic - will double check and get back to you,
nice to see you around!


Hey! Thank you! Good to see you too. :raised_hands:

I know other topics exist too but this topic would be different, since it talks more about next steps. I had an idea to discuss categorized points, like:

  • How to make a real video game, book, music, brand, YouTube channel, etc. (without allowing anyone to share their work here, because of outside communication rules)
  • Discuss art hobbies that could turn into real jobs
  • Every different artistic medium that I know which can be pursued later in life

I really want to be able to guide people through what their skill sets are, and how they can use that years after Hopscotch if they wanted to really pursue art. I’ve been on this platform for years and I would have been really grateful to be able to quickly translate my Hopscotch skills to real skills I could use in life, if I knew what they were!

The reason I asked about this is because it’s not really focused solely on Hopscotch, but rather things you can do after Hopscotch, or just on the side for fun. And maybe it’ll inspire people to create some really cool things for a lot of other people on the internet to enjoy.

Think a topic like this would slide through the system? I promise I’ll keep it kid friendly. :smile: