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Yes. That is what I mean.


Nice, thanks for the feedback.


Specific examples of posts here would be great, an more recent/more up to date examples would be best.
That’s been brought up and we dont do that anymore, and haven’t since it was first brought up.


Never mind then. It’s too far back and too irrelevant now


This is E’s post, no actual examples but points out a lot of things I agree with


Yeah, E’s post has good examples for many points made already

Anyhow, judging from what E said, I don’t think they are going to respond to this.


Respond to what?

Y’all are quick to assume the worst.


Your post

That’s an assumption right there

And no I’m not. E specifically said that they weren’t going to make another long post relating to the forum’s issues.


I’ll read through it but to actually make a change, we need exact examples so we know exactly what not to do again. If that makes sense.

So try to find some if you can?

  • Well something I’ve noticed is how whenever someone new arrives or an old user comes back, it’s not treated well
    — People coming back to check in are given little to no information about what has changed or why
    — Every time someone comes back and asks why things are the way they are, they’re pretty much shut down immediately
    — Whenever there’s a new user, they usually don’t understand how everything here works, but they tend to get in trouble a lot trying to figure it out. There has to be a better way. Maybe like a private message upon making an account with an explanation or something?

  • How topic closings are treated
    — There are times when a lead will come on and see something wrong and get angry and say loud and clear what needs to change, followed by something like “I’m not yelling, but…”
    — Sometimes topics are closed when someone does something, and whether they did something, or it was just a misunderstanding, they usually feel horrible

  • How problem information is treated
    — You’re never allowed to ask anything about something, even if there is obvious aftermath of an issue. I understand that sometimes it’s necessary, but people won’t learn and know something is wrong if they don’t see what happens when someone does that thing, or even know that something is bad

  • The rules aren’t always posted clearly
    — Yes, you guys say it in conversation, but it feels like more often then not we are just expected to know every single rule, and find out the hard way becuase we couldn’t find anywhere saying that something was against the rule
    — A new user joining wouldn’t know all of the DHT loopholes, and when they get in trouble for something immediately, they might be put off by the forum altogether

  • We sometimes don’t know what we’re allowed to do from other users’ perspectives
    — Will someone get mad at me if I use the OMTL here? Who knows?
    — Am I filling up this topic too much my asking questions?
    — Should I feel bad that I can’t fix these bugs?

Yeah there’s more but this is it for now


Added one more thing to my post


Maybe this is just me but could you elaborate a bit on this? I’m slightly confusing as to your stance; do you feel that everything’s else is “banished and distrusted”? If so, why?


I’m going to update mine.

Rules, for the 10000th time

  • They aren’t posted clearly enough.
  • Users get yelled at or topics get closed because they are “constructing a loophole”. But, how can you know it’s a loophole? Most don’t get yelled at, but sometimes they get frightened by imagining what they would sound like if they said that in real life. What I’m saying is that, let’s say that someone is making a Hopscotch story topic. A leader says that they are building a loophole because they didn’t mention posting the illustrations on the DHT. But, who said they weren’t going to Post it there?
    -Many rules are dedicated to the DHT, but no one has ever mentioned them until they find an irrelevant post.

New users
-New users are usually ignored, until someone that an old user knows talks to them, and then they talk to them. So, generally, they are nice to the old user ( ^ )
-A new user will reply to a post. The topic owner will post a post similar to “Oh, sorry, you aren’t allowed in this topic.” And the topic has nothing that a new user doesn’t need to see.


Does this actually happen? I’ve never seen it but I’m really sorry if it does, and if this has happened to anyone.
Would you be able to pull some quotes demonstrating this?


Well it’s not really banished or distrusted, it’s just easy to accidentally post a link leading to CoF.

Actually now that I think about it that one doesn’t really relate to the forum


when your post is pending for no reason lol


It does happen, but the topics were from a long time ago so it might take hours and hours to find the topics.


the resemblance to a dystopian society

  • one of the biggest issues i’m seeing is how much the forum is resembling to a (1.) idealistically perfect dystopian society, and (2.) a government controlled place. there are so many examples of this one.
  • for example- a trait of a bureaucratic society is the amount of strict regulations followed by immediate punishment, along with multiple government officials. our many, MANY rules here display that, as well as the leaders.
  • bureaucratic dystopias most commonly have an illusion of this “perfect” society. it might look clean from the outside, but inside, so much goes on that isn’t talked about. it isn’t transparent at all, and even though i know y’all are trying to work on that, right now? it’s just not happening for me. i’ll elaborate on that later, but for now, just take this little paragraph.
  • furthermore examples are the fear and distrust of the outside world. on the forum, anything but a couple of exceptional websites are not to be trusted and are dangerous. i’m not saying i despise the cof rule, not even a little. just an example :wink:

the treatment of new/returning users

  • for this one, i feel that new users are kind of… i’m not sure how to say this. unnecessarily chastised sometimes for rules that they didn’t know exist. i’ll try my best to add specific examples of this later, but the GBOT thing and new users sometimes just goes a little far.
  • as for older users who are returning- i see that, most of the time, unless they’re some sort of legend, the returning user is left to figure out everything on their own, almost like they’re expected to know. and i think we’re definitely getting better about it, but still.

aftermath of incidents

  • after something bad happens, it’s natural to ask what happened if you weren’t there for whatever occurred. and when people ask, i understand not wanting to stir anything up, but for the quadrillionth time, transparency is important . telling what happened will, most likely, help more than if we just tell someone to not talk about it. this’ll resort to the person just being confused.

i’ll try to add more later :))


there we are haha


Ann I think I get where you’re going with that.
Even if it doesn’t relate to the dystopian part, I get what you’re saying with CoF.

Maybe I’ve reading too much into this, but you’re kinda suggesting we make a list of things to check your links with to make sure there’s no CoF? And clear up what counts as CoF/pCoF.
If you weren’t, how does that idea sound?