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If I were to create a coded story, would I be allowed to temporarily put in the title of the topic “Title Pending” or something and then name the story and change the title once I have an idea? Or would I have to name the story?


It would be best if you could find a title first. You can always rename the title later so if you aren’t 100% on your story name, you could rename it later


Like CM said, you need a title but can always rename it later


Can anyone open Star Factory? I’m ready now :wink: @Leaders


I don’t think any leaders are on, so you might want to tag them with @ leaders (no space)


I know that there isn’t a space


Ok, just making sure


Reopened :slight_smile:


Hey Hops.

We’re working on fixing stuff up, but for that, we need to know exactly what’s wrong.

We’d appreciate an unfiltered buIIet point list of everything you dislike about the forum currently and feel could be improved. We’d also appreciate specific examples, and that you not sugarcoat anything or worry about hurt feelings.

Please follow the format below, for convenience and organization:

  • thing you dislike:
    – example 1
    – example 2
  • another thing you dislike
    – example 1
    – example 2

You may have more than two examples and two things, and for the examples, specific posts or something from certain situations would be great. If you so choose, you may elaborate on why you dislike said thing, but you don’t have to.

However, we’d request that you refrain from commenting on other peoples’ lists (even something as small as an “I agree”) or having a discussion about this here

While we appreciate feedback and healthy discussions, this topic is not the place for them. This ‘survey’ is just for us to get an idea of what you guys would like fixed and improved, so we can work on bettering it.

The leadership team

@omtl @fearlessfriends @pomtl


Just wanna reiterate-- no ones gonna judge anyone for their opinions and we won’t be hurt/offended/anything by what y’all say. This won’t change anyone’s opinions of you or any of that

Please be honest and share your genuine thoughts. If we don’t know exactly what’s wrong, we don’t know exactly what to fix or how to do it




If I answer, where should I post it??


Just post it here, in reply to my initial post

  • Organization of the rules: Not all the rules are organized specifically into one complete list, and it can be confusing, especially for new users.
    • Example: Not all the DHT loopholes are organized into one list.
      Actually, there isn’t a list of loopholes.

Might add more later. I’ve found a spamlike target.

Edit: adding more, ran out of likes.

  • The forum sometimes feels like a dystopia in its efforts to be a utopia: In the questions/concerns/compliments topic, someone related the forum to a dystopia and posted a pdf of dystopian elements. I felt 5 or 6 of the elements mentioned fit the forum.
    Elements Listed:
    • Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society.
      I don’t think this one relates to the forum.
    • Information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted.
      Information isn’t restricted, though some projects appear to be kept secret. Like the twists for the Hopolympics, but suspense like that is fun! As for freedom, there’s all the rules. Independent thought isn’t restricted.
    • A figurehead or concept is worshipped by the citizens of the society.
      This definitely does not relate to the forum.
    • Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance.
      The forum is pretty well moderated. Not a bad thing though.
    • Citizens have a fear of the outside world.
      The CoF rule seems to be pretty heavily enforced, but I mean, it’s for safety.
    • Citizens live in a dehumanized state.
      Not exactly sure how this relates to the forum.
    • The natural world is banished and distrusted.
      Well there’s CoF and the fear of what could happen.
    • Citizens conform to uniform expectations. Individuality and dissent are bad.
      Uniform expectations: rules. Individuality is not frowned upon, but everyone, including new users, seems to be expected to know the rules and not break them. It seems tough for new users to adhere to the rules sometimes.
    • The society is an illusion of a perfect utopian world.
      The forum is trying to become a great place. Not perfect, that’s probably impossible, but great.
  • The lead editing post thing: [Edited by leader: ICD]
    — I know you guys are working on this but…
    — It feels like being called out—aka not good
    — Sometimes the reason isn’t specific—so the person could do it again without knowing

  • Rules not being added in OP
    Drawing with Hopscotch Topic 01 [OFFICIAL]
    New users won’t see this and then they will be told to not do something they didn’t know not to do. Also, it helps with reference so to remember the rule, you don’t have to scroll through 100 posts just to find the post saying it and linking it. And, as well, for the first link—you can’t just imply something in a set of rules written in stone. That’s like the nineteenth amendment stating “all people are allowed to vote” and the person infers that includes women. Any time a new rule is made make it clear. Sure, now you tag omtl and sometimes fearless friends but new users will not be aware of this. This could be bad. New users could unknowingly break the rules, be told that they did, and not like the place for clarity of rules. All in all, the rules aren’t all that clear and that can be a problem.

  • It feels like protocol
    Basically it feels like some elements of a dystopian society live here. One group of people (leaders) have a good say on rules. We can’t ask about conflicts or spam tag issues, and now it just feels normal to say “don’t talk about it”
    There are a lot of others that I’m forgetting, there was a long post by E in the Concerns topic.

How’d this get 10 likes?


I don’t like how in some topics, let’s say that someone mentions something about a loophole. Someone replies saying that it’s a way to get around rules. Then, someone replies to that to ask what the community rules actually are. Someone replies to that and posts a link to the topic. That takes the user to a different, more detailed copy of that topic. They find a reply that asks if we’re allowed to post a photo of a piece of furniture, and reply to that, but they accidentally reply on the original topic. They say that they think so, but they aren’t sure. Someone replies to that of things that they shouldn’t be sure about, which gets a lot of replies of replies of replies, which floods the topic of off-topic replies and causes the topic to close. Kind of a detail explanation, but I don’t like how some people, I dunno how to say it, don’t know the topic in general. Isn’t really what I’m saying, I’m saying that I don’t like how things get replies of replies of replies, getting off-topic to even the post they replied to. Get what I mean?


For the last one, solid examples would be great

Even if you pull some from E’s post , it’s better than not having any actual examples. (Like you do but no thanks specific indigents if that makes sense?)
I half follow, and I think the examples might help clear up some confusion.


I think so yeah.

If I understand correctly, you dislike the offtopicness and how one post or chain can lead to long, irrelevant [to that topic] discussions


Rules (in general)

  • Can get confusing, and new users/returning ones get scolded for breaking a rule, even if they didn’t know. They aren’t all in a structured into one complete list (ex. It does not tell you to refrain on posting too many images, or talk about loopholes relating to the DHT)
  • Rules do not get updated enough. Implying them doesn’t really help users. We also don’t have a list of loopholes for the DHT, or any other topic that needs it. (Haven’t been updated since October of last year for the DHT)

Also, I don’t think anybody does this, at all, because no one has. It doesn’t seem necessary to have in the OP.

Post Editing

  • I know y’all are working on this, but I think most of us agree that we do not like the current way of editing. It seems vague and shallow, and makes the user feel “called out.” I think a deeper explanation and putting it between < > to make it invisible would be a lot better. It’s more private, and the user can understand what they did wrong.

Side Note

  • This has probably been mentioned, but it does feel like a dystopian society on the forum. The Leaders have the say on the rules, and we can’t ask about conflicts, spam tag issues, or anything deemed “private.” or “sensitive” information. It now feels normal to not say anything relating to anything.

The examples are time when a Lead has asked us to “drop it” when A) the user didn’t know, or B) they didn’t understand what happened.