:Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 1

hey hops!

As you all know, hopscotch is for everyone,
So as everyone feels safe, and happy, to be here - it’s important to be kind!
( not only important for those around you - but for you too! :sunny: )

these two quotes contain some great communication advice!

Sometimes, through frustration, it may be hard to think clearly and post with kindness.

In these moments, it’s best to take some time out to regain a clear mind - and think about your words before posting - it’s all to easy to get caught up in the moment, and to post things you may later regret!

We have some methods below that may help!

  1. Take some time out - some time away from posting may give you a fresh perspective, and help you to regain your composure - and may help you to come up with new solutions to any problems you’re facing!
  1. Reread your posts - are they coming out how you intended, and how will they affect the people around you? (negatively? positively?)
  1. Take a deep breath - and count to ten! 1…2…3…
  1. Talk to some friends or family - they may be able to help you talk things through - and better work through any future frustrations!

If you’re having difficulty, we’re here to help!
please think before posting - and follow the best advice out there,

“treat others the way you wish to be treated”