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Project updates topics still aren’t allowed because it can go in the gput (which lasts longer than the yctayhchs). It’s a duplicate in that sense and isn’t needed
You could create a beta testing topic but then you’d have to get feedback on them and whatnot


Why aren’t they allowed? I just don’t see any clear distinction. There are plenty of beta testing topics, coding clubs, even tag list topics out there, and I don’t see how a code-only topic is any less relevant. Is it related to GTs?


Initially, they got really general topic-y and we didn’t wanna allow them as a whole because of the spam, off topicness and clutter. There’s then the GPUT to group all project updates together, and we didn’t really make exceptions back then for specific scenarios (like allowing one project update topic for one hop) because that’s not fair to everyone else. It’s making an exception for one specific person and that can make some people feel really bad, especially depending on who that hop is

It’d also almost be setting a double standard in that sense and people could expect their topics to stay open if it stayed on topic. And there’s already a big topic for all project updates to go in, so it’s spammy/irrelevant as it’s own topic when there’s already a place for that.

Beta testing topics are different in that it’s getting feedback and improving the project before publishing. That fosters more collaboration and discussion than just an updates topic would (multiple conversations vs an occasional post update with some “cool project” replies underneath), if that makes sense. They’re also typically smaller scale and are centered more so on helping improve coding, not just offering updates regarding projects. The atmosphere / vibe kinda sets the distinction more than the actual differentiation between betatesting and updates.

As for tag list topics, that was just a personal preference for Ana when she started creating tag groups again, and they’re all Clivecated once the group is made


I think Fearless responded very well on this. Note specifically this:

We implemented the YCTAYHCH and the general project updates topic to also move the forum in the right direction, as in a forum where posts are easy to find (not scattered around various topics), and a forum with relevant, Hopscotch-related content.

I think that beta topics and general project updates are different from each other. Beta testing usually requires more interaction and organization compared to beta testing topics, which also needs more posts (and can therefore make it cluttered if they all were on the same topic). This is also what Fearless said, I guess.

There is another really big advantage with collecting all project updates in one place too - they will all be accessible and visible from that one single place, making it much easier for new Hops to share and see new projects (once they have unlocked access to the category). Old topics about project updates also tend to be forgotten more. You might have a tag list, but new people aren’t drawn in as easily.

Finally, one project update topic makes it easier for THT to manage, and offers a great place to start for new Hopscotchers!


If someone goes off topic in their code-only topic, it deserves to be closed, no matter how people feel about it, in my opinion. Their feelings ruin it for the people who do want to be purely on-topic.

Of course, staying away from drama is another reason in and of itself - a reason which I definitely understand, and would be ok with hearing. Disallowing good code-only topics because of other people’s jealousy and lack of responsibility doesn’t seem fair to me at all, on the contrary.

I understand where you’re coming from, but whether it’s for the benefit of the fans or the creator, discovery isn’t really my personal priority at this point. If I were to make a code-only topic, I’d want to discuss unique code-related subjects, and tease my own projects as part of that, as sort of a walled garden. It helps keep the topic organized. I know this might sound ridiculous, but there’s a context that I don’t want to reveal yet. I would be content with using the GPUT if I could shape my plan around using it, but I would like my own topic to discuss my thoughts because… uh… I don’t want to tell you publically :sweat_smile:. Again, it’s part of my plan.

Linking back to my first paragraph, though, I realize this topic must be upkept so it doesn’t get off topic. That should not be a problem for me. I would be happy to tell people not to swerve off-topic, and to delete their posts that don’t relate at all to code-related subjects. I feel that even if it isn’t really fair that everyone gets them, there should be exceptions for people that are serious enough to keep a topic up.

With this being said, I’d be open to discussing my idea in a PM if that does mean there’s a possibility I can have my own space, @William04GamerA! I’ve left out some extremely crucial details to my explanation due to secrecy, because suspense ooooo and also I don’t have much that I’m truly happy with at this point which I want to tease (yet).


Hey! I’m sure you have a cool idea that you would like to turn into a reality! I brought this up internally as well, and we think that what you are describing here, updating people about your coding, can go perfectly into our existing topic, including the GPUT. In your old topic, I also saw you were discussing some non-HS related coding. That can go in the Coding Gossips topic.

If we start making exceptions, it can confuse people, especially if there is a place for the content already.

More specifically;

I don’t see why this can not go in the You Can Talk About Your Hopscotch Coding Here and/or the General project updates topic. Those are exactly made for this kind of stuff. If you want to create a new discussion on a certain subject there or share something, post a reply! :slight_smile:

If you drop replies in topics with a high volume of replies, for example the YCTAYHCH, I think the best would be to create a tag list, ask people to bookmark your replies of interest, or create a standalone reply with hyperlinks to the replies you want to highlight.

We do not evaluate users based on “how serious” they act on the forum, we believe everyone is working on their digital citizenship here, and are happy to support any user! This also means that everyone has the same potential to maintain a relevant topic of their own :slight_smile:


Thank you for the insights. I understand that exceptions can confuse people. (Albeit, I could just write a warning in the original post of the topic not to make code-only topics, but no worries at all.)

With this being said, I understand that you wouldn’t be willing to make an exception in the long run. (Maybe someday…) But while writing this post, I got a much better idea on a system which fulfills my needs, and would solve my problem for the most part, while keeping the forum as organized as it is now. I was going to ask if you would be willing to privately message me so we could discuss the context I had and do some negotiation, but in honor of how clean the forum has been throughout these last two years, and how well my solution would actually work, I don’t think I would like a code-only topic, for the reasons you mentioned… (in fact, the idea might actually be better. I wish I’d gotten it sooner. :joy:)

I’ll bring this discussion back up again if I feel that I would appreciate extra space for code- and project-related discussion more after using the idea I had. I still believe your reasoning outweighs the benefits of the topic which I requested, which is what I have in mind.

Thank you for keeping the forum clean, and thank you for your help! @FearlessPhoenix @William04GamerA


No problemo :)) always happy to help


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(Forum related question) How long does it take for your forum profile take to refresh (like once you’ve read posts but it doesn’t mark it until…)


How about we say this on the trust requirement topic!


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