:Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 1

hey hops!
what I’m about to say only applies to a small number of people.
kind of wanna go over a couple things! recently, i’ve been seeing tons of either unnecessary, or unrelated topics being created.

first of all, before you even start creating topic, check that your topic is related to hopscotch/not breaching our new community guidelines! including asking for likes, follows, plants/putting down others ideas/any kind of negative idea, that could possible hurt another user’s feelings.

next, think if your topic will actually help the community. Is it something that you know will last for a while, or do you think it’ll close the same day? I’d understand this with bug reports, but not with the unnecessary topics that have been going around recently. general topics are also not allowed - anything that isn’t directly forum, hopscotch, or coding related.

everyone has good intentions - we know that. we just have to work together to keep this a peaceful and happy place!