:Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 1

Hey wonderful forumers.

We want to touch into a sensitive matter towards some behavior we’ve been seeing lately. We want to stress the importance of respecting others decisions and following them as well. One of our most dedicated users here has been hurt by others making jokes towards their pronoun choice. While making jokes is fine in cases that do not hurt the other person but something like this while being told multiple times to stop is unacceptable.

If you are ever unsure of another user’s pronouns, the best way to handle it is to either ask or default to using “they” as to not hurt the other’s feelings. We also ask that you read your post to yourself or out loud before posting it to correct any mistakes that could potentially hurt others or yourself as in personal information about yourself or others.

We’d also like to make note of an issue with shipping users together. This goes against our guidelines as ICR and is not allowed at all.

We are one single community and we should treat others kindly and with respect. Never assume something; always ask questions before you do. You are all amazing and we hope you guys have a wonderful day!