:Hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic 1

I looked at this just now, and I must say that there should be some clarification on the subject. We definitely don’t want users to be confused about the rules, and I think we do need to improve on having all rules stated clearly in the central guidelines topic.

And yes, we try our best to remind users first before taking moderation actions such as community warnings and suspensions, in case they are just unaware of breaking the rules the first time.

That said, @via, I looked at the deleted post, and it was because of a guideline established some point last year stating that we’re not allowed to talk about injuries and sicknesses of this sort, since this is a coding forum after all. If you have concerns with the guideline itself, you can either ask one of the leads to clarify this more or send an email to yuanyuan@gethopscotch.com