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We’ve historically had many issues with users communicating with each other through old posts by editing them


Maybe next Wiki Posts will return


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@FearlessPhoenix edit history

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(pkay => okay and 14 => 14 days)

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I looked at this just now, and I must say that there should be some clarification on the subject. We definitely don’t want users to be confused about the rules, and I think we do need to improve on having all rules stated clearly in the central guidelines topic.

And yes, we try our best to remind users first before taking moderation actions such as community warnings and suspensions, in case they are just unaware of breaking the rules the first time.

That said, @via, I looked at the deleted post, and it was because of a guideline established some point last year stating that we’re not allowed to talk about injuries and sicknesses of this sort, since this is a coding forum after all. If you have concerns with the guideline itself, you can either ask one of the leads to clarify this more or send an email to yuanyuan@gethopscotch.com


By the way please dont talk to me if you are older than eighteen it makes me uncomfortable as I am a minor and don’t like to talk to grown ups

Thank you I hope you understand and respect my space.

I have a genuine question, I have moderating experience from another community, and not only I, but every member in the mod team for said community has been struggling with the same problem;

Do you guys not get bored of not having anything to moderate sometimes?

The mod team, although I disagreed, opted to incentivize the users’ freedom, in order to, quoting, “spice things up”. Have you ever considered anything of sorts, perhaps even on a personal level, without bringing it up to the other leaders?

Thank you for your response in advance!

Disclaimer: this question is a hundred percent genuine and has no intention to offend or harm anyone


Hmmmm this is a very interesting perspective and is making me ponder the ideas you discussed
thank you for your opinion


I’m going to have to be pretty conservative with this answer, but –

It can be dry sometimes, but the backlog of things we need to do as a team is quite large (with new ideas coming in and being drafted too), and we don’t really have all that much time to be watching the forum for that long every day. So, I think it’s not really an issue.

Definitely not here, especially because this is a community geared towards younger people. I think it’s been that way (very strict) ever since Ana, and making things more “risky” carries the cost of someone else being hurt online, which is much more costly than one of us being “bored for a few minutes” for not having to moderate. I’ve learned that for the users, it can be inconvenient at best sometimes, but after being on that side of it I’ve realized why that’s been the case.


it is on purpose to leave forumers some freedom or it’s only because of irl of leads?


He means because of irl happenings they can’t always be moderating the forum 24/7.

They have leaders from a variety time zones so that there is almost always someone checking in when others can’t be online.

Most of them seem to only be on for a couple hours a day and sometimes less but since they are on different schedules there are only like at most an hour interval between times that one of them is online.


yes but lots of leads aren’t very active


lol don’t quote like that, i almost skipped you post :laughing:
i mean there’s some periods when there’s no leads online


Yeah, we’re just really busy, and sometimes none of us are online. If we were on more, that wouldn’t really affect how we enforce the rules or anything like that though.

Anyways, let’s keep it at that :)


How’d you get the opportunity to work with HS on the web explorer? Does being a leader give benefits like the opportunity to work on a project like that? Just a genuine question wondering how you were able to work with THT.


sorry this isnt a super important question, but is there a way to turn off the auto emoji feature that automatically turns faces like “: )” and “: D” when put together into emojis??? I personally prefer the emoticons simple rather than the actual colored emojis. Thanks


you can make reversed emoticons like this one (: or add something between like this one :<text>)

it gives respectively (: and :)


ok!! thanks :D

it works perfect


Or you can do what I do and do :)) or :PP or :DD