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Oooo, that sounds perfect; I’d like to move it there; thanks for letting me know about that category.

But I don’t know how to move it, since I can’t seem to access it (my browser history is the only reason I still had the URL).

BUT moving it is a low priority compared to your reorg work so let’s let it be until that’s over, and then I’ll try to move it, and ask for help if I can’t.


Hi. I’ve got a question:

Why is my post awaiting approval?

I’m member and I’ve joined 9 months ago so…


filtered words - YouTube links have to be checked.


How do you get a pfp for a tag list


The Ban? At this point in time it is entirely necessary as it fixes a problem the forum faces regularly, just as rules against Cof and asking for likes/follows benefit the community. Without it we would have users claiming/alluding to leaving and gaining large amounts of attention with no consequences. It’s a sacrifice which in the end helps us more than it hurts.

Before i address this point as a whole I’d like to point out a specific thing you said. (Italicized text added by me, please correct me if I’m wrong)

By “couldn’t really” I presume you mean they couldn’t often. Simply because users couldn’t abuse the rule often, still doesn’t change the fact that they could abuse it. They could in fact abuse it as much as 12 times a year, while they could do so 0 times under the current rules regarding leaving.

You would never want to force a user to leave, in fact i once left the forum (back in early 2019/late 2018) but coming back was something I’m glad i was able to do. By forcing people to stick to their word when they say they’re leaving, we’d be keeping amazing talented coders who wanted to be here out of the hopscotch forum, which would not be good at all.

Of course, I’ll bring it up with the team, but as of now what we have is the best solution available.


You can ask us to add one in the Schedule for tag groups! topic.


I didn’t say force them to leave
It could be a warning


Can I get custom words by my profile picture?


@Leaders do you guys know what happened to my planet sandbox topic?


Don’t worry there’s only about a months worth of progress in it no worries at all

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If it was in the colabs requests and competitions topic those are all temporarily undergoing maintenance, but will be up soon!


Okay, thank you!

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I’ve seen some custom made currencies in the forum and I wonder if people can just make those or do they need permission and stuff

We’re bringing this up internally to discuss your suggestions. Thanks for the input!


Ahh yes. Makes sense. Thank you.

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We will take this into consideration, but this is going to be hard to moderate, so it will likely not happen anytime soon.

A lot of people come and go on the forum due to different reasons - most of them are personal - and I think going into details would create a lot of posts that are emotional or that lead to heated discussions.

We have seen a lot of unnecessary heated discussions created by goodbye posts in the past, and for this reason, we’re not allowing it on the forum. While it is sad and inconvenient that some users come and go without notice, it does help us maintain this community to achieve its ultimate goal of providing a safe and comfortable space for kids to share the fun of coding in Hopscotch.


Are we allowed to let people know that we’re leaving in the bio? I’ve seen a lot of people do this


I would like to ask people to not do that because it will lead to questions and ultimately discussions about leaving. If we encounter profiles that include this information, we will edit it out.


It’d be nice to know if pivotal Hopscotchers are leaving/retiring, so we can have the opportunity to thank them for their contributions. But maybe we can go about it differently.

Anyone remember MagmaPOP’s last project? So brilliant.

There are a ton of inspirational and clever projects out there, and some people have gone above and beyond with their creations. One person who comes to mind who has been truly dedicated is Creations of a Noob. Just appreciating and breaking down his work for example would definitely be worth a topic (and of course there are many).

We need a hall of fame! (I guess there’s a masterpiece section, but a collection of the greatest contributors and their best projects would be incredible)

Hey here’s new idea if anyone is interested: A project review topic, for people to review or explain some of the most popular and inventive Hopscotch creators and projects, to share what they thought about or learned from. Aw, I definitely want to come up with a list of some inspirational projects. Aw, now I’m excited. Aw, I’m just gonna do it for fun.


Sorry one more question, are we allowed to announce that we are leaving on the app?