Leaders please can you change my username


Hey leaders! Can you please please change my username​:pensive:



Hmm, it would break then tif cation system so probably no!


They will not do it for many reasons. :wink:


wey du yu wen tu cang et?


Hoi tem senpai
Kawaii :3


Leaders can't change usernames. XD

Only mods and up. :3

They don't change it mostly because the notifications get ruined and stuff. :0


ok can you recycle this topic @SmilingSnowflakes


Just ask everyone to delete their posts, then change the title to something on the same line as "To be recycled…". Once you like this, I'll delete it.

Also, if you're probably going to use it after a long stretch of time, put global edit on so the editing doesn't go away. :wink:


Or mods could delete the posts.


Hoi! hew ar yu fren?


Gud! :3
Hew ar u?


@PixelMaster64 and @Tem please stay on topic