Leaders/mods! (1515151515151515151515151515)



Continuing the discussion from I may have to leave:

Me? (I Could Not Find The "⏎ Reply" Button So I Made A Topic)


You don't have to make another topic, it must have been because the topic was closed. :thinking:


Yep. But I Had To.


If a topic is closed, it's probably closed for a reason. :wink:
Does this topic need to stay open, or can the leaders close it?


They closed it because they found out he was hacked. There is no need to make another topic, if they closed it, they closed it for a reason and probably don't want another topic for it


OPEN!!!!!! I'LL LOSE MY REGULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Closing a topic won't make you lose regular. Only flags can do that, so you have no need to worry!


OH. @Anonymous @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 Or @BuildASnowman Close!