@leaders, I have a Question



make a tag for EnchantedAnimallover and VanillaBlossom

If not, it's okay! oh well... :D


I already asked nefore. It could make the forum lag if so, so no.




I changed it and asked for only the tag


Do you mean like a tag that you can put on topics? If so, I can make you one!

Just so you know though, tags aren't working in the help with code category, only the other categories!


Yea. I need one. Someone deleted mine since I left.


What tags would you like? Ill make them for you!

Incase you didn't see my edit on the post above, tags don't work in help with code for some reason, only in other categories!


how do they not work?


It just doesn't let you put custom tags on topics in the "help with code category". Idk why.


and I would like a tag named EnchantedAnimallover


THT put a restriction to only some tags on help and bugs so it's more organized.


Ok, I'll make it for you!


I made the tag! :blush:


Any Regular can do that.
However, if you mean "Help with Code", then I don't know.
Apparently it's a restriction?