Leader Voting and Election Day! (Speech day too.)



Hello hopscotchers, I think we should start a leader vote and Election Day. But. We need some hopscotchers as Contestants. (@seasoned.apricots Is this approved? if not we will discard this.) Also, don't judge. For this and If you have NOTHING nice to say don't say it at all. I will participate in the contestants myself. Now Let's go over the rules. Rules:

  1. The limit of Contestants is 5 only.

  2. On speech day, The contestants will announce a speech for people to vote for them on Voting day.

  3. Voting day, will go between this Saturday til' Monday.

  4. The contestants can Make Speeches, Do something creative, etc. For people to vote for them. BUT we will not cheat if we find out you cheat you are eliminated from as being a contestant.

  5. Do not talk about Politics in real life here. People will be mad, sad, and mad+sad= FLAME WORLD where we have flame wars every single day.

Ok, those are all the rules. But remember, Don't Judge.


  1. @StarryDream

  2. @StarKid

  3. @LemonPop9

  4. @Hero_Dino

  5. @Hermione


Can I be a contestant
So I have to make a speech or something for people to vote me as what

We're Not Crumbling, We're Changing!

@KayKay Sure! But just don't talk about Politics.


So what will people vote me for


Hi, welcome back! :D
We don't have Leaders or Mods other than the Hopscotch team now, though. :slight_smile:


Hello, just as info, don't tag @moderators because sadly it goes to none of them.


Can I be a contestant? Also,is this for real?


Can I be a contestant?:smile:


We need Contestants.


@StarKid i 'll be a contestant


Can me be uno contestant?,


I think that's 5 contestants already!






Sure, @StarryDream


Sure, and we're going to make it real if a leader approves or Liza or THT staff.


Noo I gotta compete against my best fren




Can I be a contestant? Or am I too late?


But they said they will not have leaders/mods ever again