Leader Tagging Question


I've seen this in multiple topics, and it's got me thinking...

Why do people tag every leader (that's not a part of THT) except for me?

I love helping others, and it bums me that I'm not tagged for help. It really makes me happy when people look up to me for help!

Is there a reason for everyone doing it? I'm curious!



I think people just name the first leaders they can think of...


I think they just know the leaders better becuase they may have been doing it longer, but that does make we wonder :thinking:


Oh, I didn't know you were a Leader! Eek. That sounds so rude. I didn't want to annoy you, because some people despise being tagged. I'm sorry!


It's cause you da best.


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I can't always think of all the leaders usernames on the spot so I'm one of those people that just tags the first people that come to their mind. Sorry, @PopTart0219! I did not know it was hurting your feelings. I am definatley not doing it on purpose and I'm sure no on else is either.


I know how to get every leader with one tag,


@Fun_in_the_Sun That doesn't actually do anything.

Don't feel bad, poptart! I've also not been tagged multiple times. People probably just forgot or maybe those leaders are active.


You feel that way? Oh, sorry! I will tag you more often :wink: :smiling_imp:

I thought you were being tagged the most! :joy:


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I don't really tag leaders, but I am sure they tag the people they think are active at the moment, or the ones that pop into their head first. :smile:


You should make a Leader Tag List, so people won't leave anyone out @PopTart0219