Leader Surveeyyyyy


Sooooo, some of the leaders are already talking about some new leaders because it's almost been two months.

I'm wondering: do we need new leaders in late-August, or can we wait?

Please donut answer because you wanna be a leader, answer if you really think we need more leaders at the moment

Discuss in teh comments.

  • YASS more leaders everybody needs all teh leaders
  • nawwww u stewpid who need more leaders
  • idk I'm just here for the pleasure of watching people talk


boi you legit look like a burnt sweet potato





Wait I forgot to add the poll


I dunno. Maybe delay it a bit to early September?


Luk at the nominations 4 leader topic XD


I think that the forum could use a few new active leaders, but I think the current leaders and mods are doing a great job already!


K I added the poll peas vote on the poll


I feel like one day everyone will be leader o-0. I dunno why tho. Laik instead of the "basic" badge you'll get the "leader" badge.

I dunno I have weird thoughts I'm weird why am I here hai


I think we are doing fine right now, but we may need some more help from the current leaders. :D


Pop tart, do you think we need new leaders?


In my opinion we don't.

But we also don't need a ton.

Maybe promote older people like @Maltese and such that are kind and helpful.


Oh, the moment of poof

We have 17 leaders and most are pretty active so honestly I think we are fine but I want yoooo opinions


lol then what? mod then admin then owner of the forums? XD


I have a question, why is the topic gray? Like, darker gray than the background?


Because I am a special human being that can do that kind of things

It's a mod ability :slight_smile:


WAOH dat's kewl.

Omg now my post is like that too OMG WHAT


K thicks



k BOT now lol


Let's just get some more leaders and maybe promote one or two to mod at the late August? :)
Maybe? idk why doh i dont have raisins
lol PT dont make this post dark grey, ok?


Intensely stares at topic waiting for more opinions


K here is my opinion

Idk lol