Leader Shop: Potter's Possessions


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Welcome to

Anything exclusive to all leaders who want something cute and special for themselves!
Mostly magical objects.


I think that there might already be a topic for this! What do you think?:wink:


My topic is a different shop. I don't sell just capes.


Maybe post it here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/leader-cape-shoppe/7067/7


Okay, but maybe we don't need this many topics about it. Could you post there instead, so we don't make any confusion?:wink:


No, I don want to bother her, my shop is different and stick with it.


Can I see if this is okay with the leaders? I think that this fits right in with the other topic!:wink:


No I don't want my shop on the shoppe with capes this is fine


Okay... I'm just trying to help out.:wink:


Thank you for trying but I just don't want my shop there. It may interfere.


Okay! I don't want to get into a fight, I just think that this would be better off somewhere else. But that's just me! Carry on!:wink:


I think it's fine if @friendship2468 keeps her shop here :wink:


Hi @PopTart0219 can you please follow me on hopscotch my user is Coffee7