(LEADER) Quick Forum Update + Behind The Scences


Hey Hopscotchers! Hope you are all having a wonderful day, today we have some quick announcements we would like to share quickly.

New User’s Guide

Our team is working on a really filled to the brim image packed new user’s guide, to be posted in the FAQ category. This might not come out for a few weeks, but we hope it helps fill in some holes and answer some of the questions you guys have!

Behind The Scenes Work

The team has been working a lot behind the scenes to help get things straightened out for everyone in the future. We have lots of fun events and challenges planned for guys coming sometime in the future, stay tuned!

And one last thing…

Expect a little bit of a lightning-quick challenge heading your way soon. We hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile:

Mod Team


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Whooo cool!!
— Wait challenges oooooo


Challenges sound fun!


Great to see the leadership are helping :wink:


Very cool.


lol it’s our job.

Y’all’ll have a blast :wink:


I’m sure we will definitely will :wink:

Just gonna pop in a thanks for making our trip to the forum as friendly as possible guys


Any future mod updates will be in Meta Forum not in Announcements




I hope that everyone will enjoy our upcoming announcements, and as @HopscotchRemixer, we are constantly working behind the scenes every day to make everyone’s experience as good as possible! :slight_smile:




Challenges… hmmm




Part of the Update: Posts no longer have to be 20 characters, only 10


Cool, right?


Yes indeed


hey STvH, idk if you remember me but it’s Chloe, that JustCreate girl ya know… i just wanted to let you know that i miss the community very much and i miss all my friends there… i really would LOVE to continue art there, but unfortunately im very busy with everything rn. ill try to get back as soon as i can. i miss you and if Patricia [girlofemotion] is there, tell her i miss her and im coming back. thanks if you can do that, all good if you can’t. miss ya’ll


Welcome to the forum @itschlo!


Welcome to the forum @itschlo
You might remember me from the app