Leader nominations &more




So I'm back with another observation.

This one is about leaders. Lots of people want new leaders and they want to be a leader themselves. It sounds really cool so I encourage it.

I would like to list some things that might be helpful to the team. These are some reasons of why we could use some new kid leaders.

  • Flame wars. There are flame wars very often and leaders could just close the topics.
  • Activity. More kids are active on the forum so if we need something really quickly they would be in faster then Liza and Rodrigo.

I need a regular to make a wiki post so people could edit reasons in. Maybe in a separate post.
Keep in mind this isn't about trashing the team.

We should nominate some people too. You can do it in this topic or in the other topic for leader nominations. Just because someone is 9 or 10 doesn't mean that they can't be a leader. As long as they are kind, mature, and helpful to the community.


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My Omtl complaint

Can a regular make a wiki post for me?


That's happened a long time ago but they've removed it for a reason


Actually, a lot of people have been emailing them about leaders.


I don't get why they got rid of it though


Maybe people were misusing it..
Btw I changed the tag to "collabs" for you


What. Ok.


I like melons, too y'know


That's cool. Do you want to nominate anyone?


@MiNi, the president, for sure :wink:


I need some more people because I want to make a poll


Use the OMTL, the mass tag list


Ok. How do I do that?


I'll do it for you shortly.


I figured it out


Thanks :)


You can't get to leader at the moment


That's why we are doing it beforehand :slight_smile:


Why did you do that? :no_mouth:
@Watermeloon, I'm afraid only leaders can make other posts wiki, quite ironically...


No, regular users can do it too