Leader hotel is HS discussion


Calling @Kitkat26 @EnchantedAnimallover @kVj @AlohaHawaiiStudios @Sweetlina

This is where we have meetings about the HS hotel.

Right now a meating starts about staff.


Put this on watching leaders.


The hopscotch hotel!

Check it out! This is leader meating area.


Hallo. I'm watching now



Okay so I thought of something.


So I think that leaders should be able to apply for staff.



Just put this on Watching!

What do a you mean about leaders applying for staff?

Can you explain a little more?


Well what I was thinking is if you get staff you can help make rooms and stuff.


Oh okay!

I get it!

Basically, what do you do to make rooms for people?


Do you wanna learn how to make rooms for people?



It looks like you need some help with making rooms for people.

If you know, how many people have rooms so far, or are asking for rooms?


Okay so what you do is you do there username add a 's

Or whatever then Room

Do like Huggingfluffybear'sRoom

And them go into notes and then type


Then a lot of numbers so like

Key37737464637 - exsample

Then you copy that paste that for the password make a draft welcoming them and as well maybe make a draft room epwith emojis!



Hmm no asking but I was thinking of promoting some people up to regular and you were one!

So maybe soon!:slight_smile:


Huggingfluffybear, @SimplySouthernGurl wanted a room for 1 week.

Can I try making a room for her?


First can you do @megaman3?

I will do dreamer girl and then you do simplysoutherngurl becuase she just asked.


ohhhh ok @Huggingfluffybear :smirk:


Sure. Got it.

This idea is SO cool!




Thanks a lot can't like!:confused:


Let's just keep things kinda fair, ok? Other people who might be working really hard deserve it more...:smile::slight_smile::wink: