Leader election (FAKE) FULL


Hey I remeber making a leader election a long time ago before @BuildASnowman so just for fun I am going to let whoever regular in and by the way I got remission and so just say


And boom your in! And then it will be like the president eliction!


Rules to get in is...

must be regular!

Bye from the fluffy bear!

Running for leader (FAKE)



I'll join
Why not?



and we get 10 people so 9 spots left now!


Sure, I'll join! Sounds fun!


I wish i was regular
But im really close


I am sorry! Maybe soon!


Two days until 50'days!




Is it okay if I use the Friendly Mass Tag List?


Umm use it but get rid of the non regs I am going to put this in lounge I think we'll no you can do it with everyone!


Do you really want to be in?


Friendly Mass Tag List! (All Regulars)




No you can do everyone!


I'll run for leader!


Okay! Your in!!!!!!!!!


Silently comtemplates whether I should be in two leader debates

I dunno


So do you wanna??????


I'll run!


I turend it back to help just in case no. Regs want to watch!


But they probably won't get Leader anyway, it's the grammar thing. Your posts have to be easy to read, and I'm NOT joining no matter what, even if I have an amazing chance at getting Leader.
You said everyone who wants to can join, then you said only Regulars can join. That's silly.